Security Clearance Level 2
Dr. Coar
Site-12; Sector 4









Item #: SCP-8000

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-8000 is to be stored in the center of a containment cell for Safe-class anomalies measuring 4 m x 4 m x 6 m in Site-12. A bookstand must be present on the right side of SCP-8000, where an empty book may be placed during experiments. No other written mediums may be present in a five meter radius around the anomaly and all documentation must be digitally recorded. Personnel using SCP-8000 without approval by leading researcher Jones Coar are subject to disciplinary action.

Description: SCP-8000 designates a 2 meter high door consisting of larch wood in an appropriate frame. The latter is entwined in two long thick ivy vines dark-green in color, which end in a heart-like shape at the top. These plants require neither nutrients nor care and protrude from SCP-8000. A bronze doorknob is available that has a dragon's head carved into it. Opening and stepping through SCP-8000 will transport the subject to a meta-plane, consisting of an arbitrarily selected fairytale of any nationality. If the subject thinks/desires a certain fairytale during usage, it will constitute their destination. Experiments revealed that two individuals can exist within the meta-plane at once. Subjects are able to change the course of events inside the fairytale as they please, and tests showed that blank books or those describing the fairytale entered will change depending on all alterations. Influenced books will retain those changes and all man-made alterations will disappear in around five seconds. The meta-plane suffers severe time dilation, and years can past within weeks.

Once the fairytale has ended, SCP-8000 will re-appear and open in front of the subject, while everything around them will fade to black. When leaving, however, subjects can be "punished" by SCP-8000, provided their actions during the story were malicious. This occurs by the door knob heating up to 100° C, which can cause first degree burns at the affected area, and/or ivy vines grabbing the subject either by the neck or the wrist of the hand holding the door knob. Said thorns have been found to inject a toxin that increases pain perception and body temperature. Heat appears to have no impact on the vines. Punishments can vary in duration from five to twelve minutes, represented by the ivy heart at the top slowly decomposing.

Discovery: At the 12/06/2023, webcrawlers from Site-12 flagged a series of reports about inexplicable book changes as suspicious, and agents were dispatched to investigate the phenomenon. According to reports by locals, Joe Mourn, a criminal guilty of several felonies from theft to murder, escaped prison two weeks prior. The police followed him into the Dark Hedges, where he suddenly vanished. Using detection dogs and torn off cloth parts by Mr. Mourn, the agents ultimately discovered SCP-8000. After one of the agents opened the object, thereby revealing its anomalous properties, a containment team was sent out to secure it. All influenced books had to be burned, all reports blackened or deleted, and every civilian involved amnestitized.