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The following files were received by a Foundation existing in the far of future. Therefore, it is recommended to perceive the information contained therein as being false.

Site-120. Noctology.A department specifically founded to oversee the proper function of SCP-7902-Ω., Ontocinetic
-Prime. Dr. Mark Kaufmann .Research lead, Mieczysław Bury .Maintanance lead



SCP-7902-Ω-FARM: A swarm of self-replicating drones of microscopic size, functioning as the receiver of information. As of time of this writing, the swarm has reached its maximum quantity, being around 1. mio. As the mycelia structure of SCP-7902-1 is connected to every mushroom, the drones are able to reach every human therein. After having established contact to a human undergoing REM-sleep, multiple drones will combine, forming round-shaped replica measuring 1 cm in height. Subsequently, a aperture opens on the underside, with various cables attaching to the person's brain shortly thereafter. Information gathered through this process is then sent to SCP-7902-Ω-NEXUS for analysis. After having send the acquired information, the drone detaches itself, with it collapsing into its smaller components shortly thereafter.

SCP-7902-Ω-NEXUS: Given the vast amount of data that has to be analyzed, an eigenmachine was seen as the most efficient way. Featuring a state-of-the-art quantencomputer, SCP-7902-NEXUS shows great data processing abilities, effortlessly surpassing any of its predecessors. SCP-7902-NEXUS is constantly provided data emitted by SCP-7902-FARM, with irrelevant data being immediately deleted. If a person's thoughts match one of the following three criteria, their brain is subsequently scanned for their current whereabouts, whereafter standard foundation-protocols are followed to detain said person.


  • The person had been in contact with an anomaly
  • The person is itself anomalous
  • The person knows of the existence of the anomalous, thus being a threat to the veil

After the mission has been completed, the flagged data will be deleted, in order to save space.

Summary: Since the initiation of PROJECT INSIGHT, incidents involving anomalies in the public have been reduced to by 90%, tendency increasing.

SCP-XXXX-Ω — Test-Protocol:


Below, a number of successful acquisitions of information are outlined, detailing the person's reason to be flagged, and their subsequent processing by foundation staff.

LETTER/NAME: (T) Thomas Vain
REASON FOR BEING FLAGGED: Encounter with an anomaly
SEQUENCE: As predicted, the data was immediately send to foundation-staff who tracked down Mr. Vain. As per foundation-protocols, he was amnestitized, and the anomaly contained

LETTER/NAME: (N) Nadine Natson
REASON FOR BEING FLAGGED: Anomalous location

SEQUENCE: According to gathered information, Mrs. Natson was located on the moon, but somehow still alive. A vessel was sent, with it safely transporting Mrs. Natson back to earth. Following an interrogation, she reported having been teleported their by an unknown anomalous entity. It is unclear how she survived for so long.

Additional Notes: It seems like SCP-7902-Ω's capabilities reach beyond earth's boundaries, and are only limited by humanity's extend.


DEFINITION: Approximately two weeks following the initiation of PROJECT INSIGHT, reports accumulated about more and more people suffering from the same nightmare. According to them, shortly after falling asleep, they find themselves standing amidst dead trees. Around them, a wasteland of dry land stretches into infinity, featuring several cracks in its bottom. Shortly thereafter, the victim hear a mechanical screeching noise coming from behind them. Thereupon, a large mantis consisting of mechanical components begins to chase the victim down, with said person waking up shortly afterwards; able to recall the whole experience.

RESPONSE: An emergency meeting will be held by the O5-Council, discussing further steps. The contents have been transcribed below:

All present members have joined the call, with all of them facing a screen.

O5-1: Is the connection stable? Okay, as you have been briefed, we're dealing with global nightmares. And we are to blame.

O5-3: [Nips on his coffee] I told you not to machinate this fungible jungle. Even the thought of a mantis licking a mushroom on my head was disgusting enough.

O5-2: So, how are we supposed to bring this to a halt? Containment procedures dictate that no personnel is allowed to…

O5-1: You are still aware of the situation, are you?

O5-2: Of course, I'm simply laying out the facts. Couldn't we just invent a virus able to neutralize the bots?

O5-7: Irrational and harmful. We have no idea of the inhabitant's physiology. It could spell their doom.

O5-1: As does sitting around, and waiting for it to go away by itself.

O5-2: One, you're getting sentimental.

O5-1: I had a dream last night, the same as everyone else. But I stood my ground, and faced its agony. You could hear its agonizing mechanical whimpering. Gears wheeling against bones, slowly ablating them. It begged me — and the entire foundation — to end their suffering by any means necessary. If we can't find a solution to their problem, their kind would most likely parish. Then I awoke, aware of the entire experience.

O5-2: I see. That's why we are here. To secure, contain, and protect the anomalous; even from ourselves.

O5-1: Any other idea?

O5-9: There may be a way: If we could make the drone's mission obsolete, wouldn't they stop working?

O5-1: Define "obsolete".

O5-9: Like in "impossible". What if we render humans unable to perceive dreams, thereby eliminating the single purpose these bots were built for?

O5-1: You're mistaken. Our robots were built for the purpose of acquiring information by imitating the feed process of SCP-XXXX-2; not to create dreams.

O5-7: Does genocide outweigh the comforts of a calm sleep?

O5-1: There are no other options. We have to say goodbye.

AFTERWORD: Following the conference, a test tube containing the fluid secreted by instances of SCP-7902-2 was inserted as totem; the targeted worship group being humanity. The results are outlined below: