Kasper Pajak

Item #: SCP-3229

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:
No Special Containment Procedures Needed Following Incident 3229-J-1, the option for the language stated below shall be removed from the public website. The offline translator is to be stored on a standard PC, with at least one Level 2 Guard securing the computer from unauthorized access. A standard broadband connection shall be used to connect the PC to the internet. Under no circumstances shall foundation personal view the output text. All personnel that view the output text shall be administered Class A Amnesic.

Description: The Somali Translator is a standard language on Google Translate, with the option available to all use now restricted due to Incident 3229-J-1. When the phrase Du is typed repeatedly into the translator box, while the selected language is 'Somali', the output window will show a sequence of sentences all stating about a hotel in [DATA REDACTED]. The following sequence of outputs has been known to affect the psychological well-being of Class-D, due to the paradox like symptoms of subjects trying to solve the meaning of the said text. After ██ 'Du's, the output will display all the input text, and then loop around with the previous output.

Document ██-54:

Following Incident 3229-J-1, SCP-3229 shall be kept in a secure chamber with high security. All subjects that have viewed SCP-3229 are to be terminated immediately or put into isolation.

Document ██-55

All prior information on SCP-3229 has been incinerated to prevent the public from becoming informed on this issue. Google is to be informed that the language [DATA EXPLUNGED] must be redacted from the website and all similar programs.