Item #: XXXX
SCP XXXX out of it's cell

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP XXXX is to be contained in its cell at all times in an 8 x 8 x 5 cube which has to be checked once a month or more often from an order in advance.

Description: SCP XXXX is a worm-like creature that measures approximately 5.5 meters in length.

It mutated by an experiment on the earthworm, which went extremely wrong. As a result the worm began to increase its body mass, turn the skin color into black, creating a skeletal system, the reasons for skeletal system creation are still unknown.

Object shows to have wrinkled, thin, black skin which secretes viscous ooze, well-built and strong muscles that help to maintain the balance of it. SCP XXXX head resembles a squirrel-like skull, with a sharp spike protruding from the front which has behind one smaller tooth on both sides, they are to keep the venom in large quantities and inject it into a victim. On it's lower part there's located grossly thick layer of blood which is rotting and produces a fetid stench.

In the center part of the head, there is a pair of narrow black eyes. SCP XXXX has a poor eyesight at all times, although its vision is undeveloped, it's other senses are complex to make up for deficiencies related to lack of sight.

In its head there's gathered venom in a large amount, however, it's not that dangerous for the adult human body. It is aware and intelligent, it does not need contact with other objects, etc. it also does not need food from the research data done on this creature, the reasons of this are still unknown.

Object remains indifferent in the presence of others, however if anything organic will come into physical contact with it, it'll begin to feel threatened and its behaviour shall change into hostile. Object begins to chase the person until it loses the victim from its sight for a few minutes. When worm catches the prey in a place from which they have no escape, the person is to be attacked by front part of the head of SCP XXXX in both shoulders with fast aggressive move, after the attack object slowly leaves the victim alone.
The wound after twenty (20) minutes gets infected by the object's blood and the venom from its head starts to flow into the veins slowly creating dizziness and difficult movement of the upper limbs. If the infected person won't get medical help in 2 hours, venom will make the esophagus swell profusely causing the victim to die of hypoxia.
If the object has escaped from its cell, the search for it must begin right after it's escape due of the leaking poison mixed with the blood from the head of the object that can easily get into the human body causing rapid spread of the venom along with infection to every organic substance.