Kenneth Merriman

Item #: SCP-xxxx

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedure: SCP-xxxx is stored at temporary site X in vault 14 under biosafety level four precautions while awaiting final classification. It sits on pedestal and is kept under leaded glass with a self contained air purification unit.

Access is currently restricted to level 3 or above staff and permission must be granted by temporary site supervisor for all experimentation and use.

Description: SCP-xxxx appears to be a fast food cheeseburger stored in a box and wrapper from the fast food restaurant <redacted>. At all times it maintains a temperature of 57 degrees celsius and always seems to be moist and gives off the scent one would expect of such a cheeseburger that was freshly cooked.

If the wrapper is opened it will begin to cry out in terror and the upper and lower flaps of bread that make up the bun of the burger will move in a manner functional of lips though it's semblance is more akin to a puppet. The force of air or energy required to create these sounds appears to come from the burger itself but there is no movement of air that can be detected flowing from it, nor is there any electromagnetic speaker to produce it.

The burger itself seems capable of full restoration at an approximate rate of six grams per hour though this number is an estimate based only on four incidents where the object was compromised. Study of it’s regenerative capacities is still ongoing and hindered by psychological effects on staff and D class personnel exposed to it.

Anyone hearing this noise or in the immediate presence of this burger who has a psychic resistance score of 50 or less will appear to have an emotional response and, if questioned, will express pity or sympathy for the burger. This will be to the point where they will be reluctant to engage in any activity or experiment that they would expect to result in harm or destruction of said burger.

Experimentation on this burger has been difficult due to the sympathy effect and recent personnel shortages.Several other anomalies have been determined that would have been difficult to ascertain without experimentation. It has been determined that those exposed to the burger, even for a moment, will develop an aversion to meat or products containing meat. In most subjects this can last from days to a few weeks depending on amount of exposure.

In cases of extended exposure or in the case of experimentee four the exposed have developed an allergy akin to that caused by exposure to galactose-alpha 1,3 galactose. In these cases the victim actually develops the expected allergic reactions though with a slightly higher probability for anaphylaxis allergic reactions. This occurs even though there has been no detectable method for biological transmission and through BSL-4 (biosafety level 4) precautions.

Attempts to collect samples of the burger has caused such distress in research staff that it resulted in one suicide attempt by the researcher in question and the the administration of therapy and amnestic drugs which have succeeded.

An attempt to test whether the burger could be consumed was carried out by Dr <z> using D class personnel under threat of violence by security. Twelve attempts were made and in all but four either the guards or the D class personnel were unwilling to follow through with the procedure. After Dr <z> managed to filter guards for those that scored for antisocial personality disorder on a PDQ-4 who happened to also have a psychic resistance score above 50 (only one staff member qualified) they managed to get four different D class personnel to sample the burger.

4) took one bite of the burger and seemed mostly unaffected but developed the above mentioned allergic condition (see below)
7) ate part of the bun and succumbed to bouts of inexplicable melancholy. Became depressed and refused to eat eventually slipping into a coma
9) suicide by biting off their own tongue and choking themselves.
11) attempted “suicide by guard” was put into observation for a few days and allowed to return to work after amnestics. After which the individual intentionally managed to switch numbers with a D class personnel on a more dangerous assignment whereupon they threw themselves into a cage with a known danger in order to be devoured. Subject was heard crying out that they deserved this.

Subject 4 survived and even seemed to be behave normally and given his specific predilections that caused him to be taken into the D class program (specifically cannibalistic tendencies) this was not a surprise. Subject 4 did die later of anaphylaxis related to aforementioned allergy.

Researcher <z> was suspended after this was experiment was discovered by site supervisor, given heavy doses of amnestics and was reassigned to other research duties at site <xx> where they are under heavy supervision.

Incident Report: SCP was collected in XXX Pennsylvania along a stretch of road that had been under foundation scrutiny for the last four years. This area has had three other incidents of interest that seemed to have no relation and had nothing in common with this SCP.

The inciting incident was reported by security officer <x> and <y> when they encountered a group of individuals that seemed to be attempting to explore a building in that area that was under observation. The individuals in question demonstrated surprising levels of stealth and strength and were able to evade pursuit. The burger had been left behind in a < > bag and was immediately captured by additional security reinforcements.

The people that left the bag behind are still at large.