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Item #: SCP-XXXX

object class: Safe

Special containment procedures: Scp-XXXX shall be contained in a standard unfurnished room large enough to fit the stone with some ample room for test subjects. No other safety measures are needed at the current time. The stone shall have one guards outside of the containment unit at all time.This guard will allow personal with clearance to enter. However anyone who enters the containment no matter the circumstances will be executed on spot when they try to exit the containment unit.No one is allowed to interact or observe the stone in any way unless the head scientist of the sector permits it and they must be executed right after.If it suspected that theScp-XXXX has influence over someone all personal who interacted with the stone in any way that day will be executed immediately.

Description:Scp-XXXX exact origins are unknown but it highly likely it originates from eastern Germany near Berlin.It attempts to achieve this through mind control.The first mention of the the Scp-XXXX was at Trent Park where a nazis scientist said its location.There we found the notes and the stone it self.Scp-XXXX was in a metal box (5 meters in length, 4 meters long, and 6 meters high) making it easy to transport to the facility. Some of our scientist theorize that high nazis or even Hitler himself was controlled by Scp-XXXX.It was retrieved by the Scp Foundation in September 4 1945

Scp-XXXX has the power to increase brain function and in some degree control peoples minds.When any organism see the rock in any way there normal character traits can disappear.A normal frantic rat becomes more patient and when tested it does complex mazes 4 times faster before being exposed to the stone.In humans it enhances their leadership skill and overall intelligence.When test subjects were given brain scans the brain activity was twice then usual.It seems if the subject can't do the job the stone wants or doesn't see the stone the subject brain rots from the center working its way outwards.This causes extreme pain in the victims often when this happens the subject usually kill themselves before the rotting process can finish.Testing is very limited with the Atrocity Stone since the stone can use class D to try kill guards and other class D.