My 1st SCP
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Item #: SCP-3154

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3154 is contained at Armed Biological Containment Area-14. SCP-3154 is to be kept in a 27m x 27m x 27m glass tank at all times and fed raw salmon every 4 hours until it falls asleep.

In the event of an attack, MTF Eta-10 (“See No Evil”) are to be called in immediately and try to calm it down while on-site nurses bring the victim to a medical bay.

Description: SCP-3154 appears to be a Common Thresher Shark, with multiple injuries along its body, most notably its left fin and stomach area, which causes it to have trouble swimming. Despite this, SCP-3154 seems to show no signs of hurting from the injuries.

When someone views SCP-3154 for over 15-25 seconds, they will begin to notice it increasing in size and begin to have some resemblence to the viewers greatest fear. Note that this only happens in the viewers mind. SCP-3154 also seems to get more aggressive to people around it, regardless of if they are looking or not. The more someone looks at SCP-3154, the more they want to, an example of this being D-████, who looked for so long that after a while, D-████ would attack anyone who tried to prevent them from
looking at SCP-3154.

Addendum 3154-A: SCP-3154 was discovered around the Oregon Coast in 2003 on
████████, when a report came in from the ██████ Police Department, saying that a scuba diver had found a shark that started to grow long, spindly limbs and 8 beady eyes. In an interview with the witness, they admitted that they had a fear of spiders. The recording of the interview was lost before this article was made.