Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: [Paragraphs explaining the procedures]

Description: set of pencils, discovered in a foundation lab by a scientist on break. started chewing on it, felt abnormally relaxed while doing so. examined pencil and found an unfamiliar and nonexistant brand.

Addendum: test logs: initial tests show the calming effects of chewing on the pencil, noted that , then D-class with history of drug addiction is tested. d-class proceeds to eat the pencil entirely and enters nearly vegetative state. placed into observation and d-class's nails and teeth begin to turn into graphite. after passing the pencil, d-class exhibits typical withdrawl symptoms and acts overtly hostile to researchers unless offered another pencil

incident report: infected d-class attacks another d-class, scratching with graphite nails, draws blood. d-class begins to exhibit effects from chewing on pencil, becomes relaxed as they are attacked. infected begins force-feeding new d-class a pencil. containment held, object upgraded to euclid given weaponized nature of infection.

incident report 2: researcher interviews original infected after a while, they seem more amicable and passive. during interview, d-class attacks, stabbing researcher's eye with a finger. researcher briefly cries out in pain before calming down. guard enters to supress and is beset by infected and force-fed a pencil. containment breached until infected is killed by small arms fire. further testing halted and containment procedure updated to "just keep them in the box".

addendum: observation that after long period of time, graphite nails grow into new pencils, which in turn seem to act as sustenance for the infected.

researcher comments: basically states that foundation should p much just ignore the infected, off-hand mentions feeling more stressed than usual, desires way to relax. ponders if the skip can still be used as a means to de-stress.

incident report 3: containment breach after researcher consumes a pencil in private, sneaks to holding cells and releases other infected. 3-4 others are pacified and forcefed before containment is reestablished.

addendum from new, higher clearance researcher: request to upgrade classification to keter, expressing that initial discovery of the pencils means others could be floating about the labs without their knowledge. suggests hunting down all other instances of the skip and detaining those who have come in contact with them for observation. expresses mild disturbance at the thought of how intelligently the infected worked together