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Kheline is my name and stuff is my game. I have no sense of literal mind for shame.

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Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXXX is to be kept in site XX within a locker XX 10x10x10 Inches ( 3x3×3 meters). a children's themed room 10x10 foot. Containment must be located a yard away from sentient monster-like scps or anomalies that poses euclid or keter level threads.

SCP-XXXXX is to be supervised by assigned personnel on sleep shifts and accompanied it through specific supernatural events untill the day after.

Relocation of SCP-XXXXX will proceed if a confirmed authorization from assigned personnel, assigned doctor and higher.

Description: SCP-XXXXX is a medieval knight rag-doll 30cm in height x 18cm in height. It wears a chain-mail made out of cotton cloth on its head and body, hair yellow yarn blue button eyes red yarn mouth. cardboard shield 15x12 cm and toy-sword 16cm length.