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Item #: SCP-3971
Object Class:** Euclid
Special Containment Procedures: object is kept in a standard containment cell at Site-██ with a standard lock. Teams including a minimum of two (2) members are required to enter and clean the cell daily. All members within 20 meters of SCP-3971 have to wear sound proof headphones and must communicate using sign language(because how can you hear with sound proof headphones).

Description: SCP-3971 is a green MP3 player. measuring about two (2) inches by one (1) and a half inches. SCP-3971's screen always show the words [ACCESS DENIED]. if anyone gets within one (1) foot of SCP-3971 a tune can be heard if anyone listens to it they will be cursed within 24 hours but its not like any curse this curse has a slight chance to be good.

all personal that attemps to hack SCP-3971 will fail and get the message [ACCESS DENIED] and then the tune that SCP-3971 plays will start to play for 1 minute. every now and then splattered paint shows on the walls. thay come in the colors blue, green,red and yellow they all have a weird smell

blue: blue is said to smell like the ocean
green: people say it smells like a rubber
red: smells like a rotting corps
yellow: it smells like smoke from a burning house

SCP-3971 was discovered in ███████, Canada after there was a rumor about a curse in an abandoned house in the middle of nowhere