SCP-XXXX-EX (Fallen Angel)


Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX should be kept in a standard humanoid cell, it has yet to show hostile intent. SCP-XXXX does not require anything in order to survive, but prefers human company. Personnel may interact with SCP-XXXX during breaks. SCP-XXXX-EX's final resting place is located at the Site-06-3 graveyard.

Description: SCP-XXXX-EX was a winged humanoid, resembling an angel, though heavily scarred. It measured 171 cm in height, appeared to be aged about 18-25, and would have had a wingspan of about 4 meters. Its left wing was cut off prior to its dicovery by the Foundation, leaving only a 40 cm stump, and its body was covered in scars.

Recovery: It was discovered on the ██th of ████ 2005 near the village of ██████, Syria, when the Foundation took notice of several rumors in the area relating to an angelic figure being sighted near the home of an old woman who had recently expired.

Foundation personnel soon succeeded in tracking the object down, and though it was avoidant at first, it did not resist once surrounded by field agents. The following is a transcript of the interview between Dr. Shamash and the entity, 30 minutes after its capture, on site.

After being transported to site-06-3 without incident, SCP-XXXX-EX was immediately subjected to a standard non-hostile humanoid medical examination, which showed that it lacked most human organs, instead mostly being composed of muscle and bone. The two exceptions being the heart and brain, which appeared to be made of anomalous materials. The next step in the examination was an interview with Dr. Bernard, head of medical research at the facility.

SCP-XXXX (Predictor thingy)

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be kept in a double-locked storage container, only accessible with two unique Level-3 personnel security codes.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a clay tablet of Sumerian origin, it is legible to any subject reading it, regardless of their language(s) of literacy, but illegible to illiterate subjects. It was initially theorized that SCP-XXXX causes a strong, anomalous desire in people to read its inscription out loud. Thaumaturgical readings suggest that SCP-XXXX does, in fact, not possess this property, but that its other anomalous traits are on their own merit enough to spur certain types of people to desire it.

When SCP-XXXX's inscription is read aloud, SCP-XXXX begins to glow in a shade described as "a color that doesn't exist, a mix of red and yellow, but not orange," by those exposed to its effects. The reader, through an unstudied compulsion effect, will then develop the desire to speak the name of an individual to SCP-XXXX in order to "sacrifice them." Subjects with identical names are not affected, so the item somehow knows which particular individual is the target.

Once the name has been spoken, SCP-XXXX will show no more anomalous behaviour, even when read aloud again, until the target has expired.

From this point the individual who was just elected for sacrifice becomes designated SCP-XXXX-1. Somewhere, usually in this person's vicinity (within the area that they move around on a day to day basis), black marks will appear on walls, floors, and even on people's skin in some cases. The black marks are visually comparable to black paint having been splattered on the object(s).

Exactly 100003 seconds from SCP-XXXX having received the name of the target (approx. 28 hours), SCP-XXXX-1 will die, spilling blood in such a fashion that it splatters onto all surfaces marked in an identical pattern. The exact cause of death varies, but observed civilian fatalities include:

  • Being run over by a car (the car and road were marked).
  • Falling from a tall building (road and two pedestrians marked, one of the pedestrians on their way to the hospital to see what the mark was).

SCP-XXXX was recovered after the second incident. Although the first incident was brought to the attention of the Foundation, no anomalous item was recovered at this site.

My ideas on further development

A few of my ideas for continued development of the SCP (feel free to give feedback on these ideas too if you want to):

  • Recovered "diaries" or similar data on D-1287's descent into madness.
  • Removing the bit about the black marks appearing beforehand. On one hand it adds distinctiveness, on the other it's mostly aesthetic and therefore perhaps not entirely necessary. Maybe its lack of necessity is a good thing, as it works like a sort of fakeout for the reader, so they don't expect the item's more sinister traits? I'd appreciate thoughts on this.
  • More origin story? Less origin story?
  • I'm definitely thinking that the final incident log is a bit short. Or is it?