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“You're definitely not allowed to smoke weed, right?”

“I don't think my moms would be cool with it.”

“Did you smoke weed, you know, before?”


“It's probably better you don't.”

“I don't even really know how I'd do it now.”


Jude was sort of a fun babysitter. It was weird for Heather to think of him like that. He really just kept her company when the moms were away, more than anything. But that didn't change the reality of what he was.

Not really a babysitter, maybe. More like a bodyguard. The janitors had her once before, after all. And Jude was as good a babysitter as anyone else. He let her do whatever she wanted, for one thing. The other thing was that he was undoubtedly the most magic man that she had ever known.

“Hey, wanna see something cool,” he said, leaning forward and holding out his hand. He attempted to snap his fingers a few times before it took. In his fingers, hovering just above was a flame of entrancing color. It ran through the rainbow in all colors, some that she could barely recognize, and it reminded her of those Magic Eye books that her grandma had all over the house.

And then he said, “Fuck, shit.” And the flame went out. His fingers were red. Blistered. He shoved them into his mouth.

“You burnt yourself?”

He nodded.

“Do you want some aloe vera or something?”

“Please,” Jude said from between his fingers.

It had been days since he had slept well.