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Item #: SCP-6969

Object Class: Keter Euclid Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Instances of SCP-6969-1 are to be removed and scrubbed. All individuals who witness SCP-6969 itself or an instance of SCP-6969-1 are subject to monitoring and application of Class-B amnestics. All instances of SCP-6969-2 are to be questioned and detained indefinitely terminated.

SCP-6969 is to be apprehended at all costs. While all available Foundation assets are currently being used to pinpoint possible MARCOS-events, Mobile Task Force Upsilon-58 (“Sound of the /Pol/ice”) is currently tasked with applied response. MTF U-58 is to only employ individuals who score under a -65 on the Cohen-Breitberg compassion scale and maintain strict values and morals aligning with the right of the political spectrum.

Containment procedures will be modified once SCP-6969 is either terminated or brought under containment. Currently, containment efforts focus on minimization of the effects of MARCOS-events and the termination of SCP-6969-2 instances.

Description: SCP-6969

Timeline of MARCOS-events:

Addendum 6969-14:

This is the transcript of a phone call to a Pizza Hut in Portland, Oregon. Foundation AI GRGN-03, during a routine sweep, detected information relating to possible SCP-2293 contamination. The individual was deemed to be PoI-6870 (Jude Kriyot).

Pizza Hut Employee: Hi there, uh, would you like to try—

PoI-6870: Did you know that world-renowned writer Stephen King was once hit by a car? Just something to consider.

PHE: I-I'm sorry, sir?

PoI-6870: Gosh, I'm sorry. I was talking to a friend. Usually those commercial things are longer. Uh, anyway, I think I'd like the, uhhhh, I have a coupon here, I think. I can't find it. Just hold for a second.

PHE: No problem.

PoI-6870: <Spoken away from the receiver, but audible.> Mr. Ominous. Mr. Meme. Mr. Literal Serial Killer. Mr. Bernie Sanders.

At this point, the call was picked up by GRGN-03. Due to the actions of past AI in dealing with PoI-6870, control of the conversation is sent to Dr. Garcia.

PoI-6870: Call didn't drop, but it's silent. God, it's just like last time. I feel like a fucking spy. Are you gonna try to kill me with some mean sound again, or are you gonna let me talk to you like a fucking human being over here?

Dr. Garcia: Hello, Mr. Kriyot. We'd really like to apologize for last time. Certain AIs, well, may resent having to scan the internet for, well, Stephen King jokes, but since then, we've gotten things a little better under control. Personality-wise.

PoI-6870: Pretty frank for a janitor, aren't you?

Dr. Garcia: I believe you had information for us?

PoI-6870: Ms. Zapatista's doing it.

Dr. Garcia: Doing what?

PoI-6870: Direct action is important. Don't get me wrong. <The sound of a lighter is heard. PoI-6870 pauses.> I want to go where she's going. But I don't know if I can abide getting there like that. This is, this is the only thing I'll do. I, I want her to succeed. But, sometimes I don't know. If it should be like this.

Ten seconds of silence.

PoI-6870: The voice during those protests. The voice during those riots. The voice that spoke that piece of shit Afrikaaner piece of shit into the stratosphere. It's all been here. It's been one.

Dr. Garcia: You made it?

PoI-6870: Not me, but a few of us. But she's her own woman. And she's going to do whatever she can to make the world just and right. This is all the help I think I can give you, morally. I, uh, I don't know what to do here, morally.

Five second pause.

PoI-6870: She's just a woman. She's not stronger than anyone else you see on the street. But her voice? Her words are so beautiful. She's not a goddess.

Thirty second pause. A lighter is heard.

PoI-6870: She's going to be in Nicaragua tomorrow. Don't ask how I know. There's going to be another big one.

Dr. Garcia: Why are you telling us this?

PoI-6870: I can't have another life on my hands.

Dr. Garcia: Is there anything more you can tell us?

PoI-6870: It was inevitable that there'd be a split, you know. That's what leftists do. We have a clear, beautiful vision. And so, when we hit that first disagreement, we split.

Dr. Garcia: Anything at all to keep another life from being lost. Anything at all?

PoI-6870: She's a comrade. I've said enough.

PoI-6870 disconnects the line. Foundation agents arriving on scene were unable to locate PoI-6870. The payphone the call had been traced to had been out of service for over three months.

Interview with SCP-6969:


Incident 6969-143:


Recovered Document 6969-1: After the raid on Site-346, this note was found stapled to SCP-6969's cot within her former chamber. The note, appearing to be written by PoI-6870, was shown to have appeared between frames during the raid.

I lied.

Esther made her magic. JJ made her lucky. And I gave her a flame.

I feel so old now. The young have a fire inside of them that I used to have. But I used to be fire. I remember the flame that bloomed inside of me. When you tap into that, you start to see that moral codes are kind of bullshit.

Sometimes, you have to fight. Sometimes, you don't get the luxury of non-violence. I will never take another life myself. But I will aid her, and I will aid them, in any way I can, for as long as I can. There's always a place, however small, in the revolution for a pacifist. Especially a motherfucker of my esteemed abilities.

When I die, I will kneel in front St. Peter. I will not apologize for my actions. I won't tell him that I'm sorry for allowing blood to be spilled in my name, Our Name. I will ask him to understand. Maybe God will listen to me. I hope He listens to me.

No child should ever go hungry. No one should die in the cold when homes lay empty. No one should ever have to suffer needlessly again.

And if a rich man has to die for this to happen? I won't mourn.

The fire inside of Ms. Zapatista has always been mine.

I will pray for you. I know you won't pray for me.


PoI-6870 is, as of now, to be terminated on sight.

This is old shit don't read from here on when I ask you to read my scp I'm probably asking you to read for me, which by the way thanks for.