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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:

*SCP-XXXXs unit currently has a feeding door, preferably locked from the outside. While The Foundation is currently attempting to figure out what it eats, it is best to supply it with raw meat for the time being.

Also, note that SCP-XXXXs containment unit has two-way mirrors instead of windows. This is due to SCP-XXXX's manipulative shape-shifting abilities, and its reliance on vision to "Shift"

SCP-XXXX must be supplied with a source of crime-based literature at all times. This is the only known method that keeps it docile without using fear.

In the event of SCP-XXXX escaping, bring a flammable object, and a source of ignition. SCP-XXXX has an intense fear of flames, and will flee in the opposite direction of them. If there is no source of fire, electric shock or a strong magnetic force will do.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a bipedal humanoid, approximately 2 meters in height. Its standard form resembles a mannequin. It has the ability to "shift" its form to that of a human, but will be stuck in said "shift" for exactly 96 hours. If it feels as though it is in danger, it can shift into a small animal to protect itself. Though this can only last a few moments, likely due to its size.

One consistent feature found on SCP-XXXX throughout all witnessed states is a mouth, situated on it's mid-section. The mouth itself is hidden behind a line of scar tissue, and has rows of large human teeth inside. When SCP-XXXX is exposed to blood, the mouth is revealed. It seems to be beyond SCP-XXXX's own control.

Upon seeing a human it percieves as a threat, SCP-XXXX will take the form of the human in question, or one in recent memory it believes will help it escape the threat. While in its "Shifted" state, SCP-XXXX has the ability to communicate in the English language, though its voice will not change to match the individual it has shifted to, giving its trick away to anyone who knows the individual. SCP-XXXX has a low, grinding voice, similar to the stereotypical mid-50's male smoker. Those, while in it's standard, mannequin state, it does not possess the ability for speech.

Through further experimentation, it has been discovered that SCP-XXXX has a rather unique trait. It prefers to stay in a human form, but, while in that "shift", it runs the risk of rapidly aging. The only countermeasure it has to this is the consumption of humans, through the aforementioned mouth on its stomach. This allows it to stay "shifted" longer then the normal 96 hours. When SCP-XXXX consumes human meat, its human "shift" returns to it's original age, and stays as such until SCP-XXXX becomes hungry once again . It has been discovered that, unless SCP-XXXX is in a human "Shift", it does not need to be fed

Addendum 01 The Foundation has recently retrieved a list of previous incidents where SCP-XXXX has escaped containment, and has listed them appropriately:

Escaped location Location found Relocated to
Site 17 This is where the first recorded instance of the subject shape-shifting occurred. It used the form of a disgruntled employee to get out of the facility and into the population. It was later found and escorted to a more secure containment unit. Site 23
Site 23 SCP-XXXX had been transported to this Site after a being found unsecure in its previous location. Once again, it was able to escape containment due to the actions of █████, a Class-D employee, who SCP-XXXX stole the outfit of and consumed. It was discovered before it left the Site thanks to DNA scanning at Site checkpoints. Its punishment, once contained for transport once again, was to force it into a "Shift", and deny it the food it needed until it aged through almost one whole life cycle. This was necessary to keep SCP-XXXX docile through transport. Site 19
Site 19 The subject has not yet managed to escape containment within Site 19, and has shown no signs of making any moves on escape. N/A

These escapes each gave The Foundation more information about SCP-XXXX, which allowed them to create a proper containment environment within Site 19. After successful transport, the subject was fed and put into a restraining chair, which allowed an interview to be conducted. See INTERVIEW XXXX-01

Addendum 02: Through further research, the reason SCP-XXXX has such a prominent fear of magnets has been uncovered. It seems that due to an advanced mutation in SCP-XXXX'S brain, strong magnetic force causes its ██████ to shut down, rendering it completely immobile. Though, the magnetic force as to be equal or less then the magnetic force found in large electromagnetic cranes, or one would face the risk of causing SCP-XXX'S █████ to shut down.1 The Foundation believes that, if co-operative, SCP-XXX could be very valuable in the Retrieval of future subjects. See Magnetic Resilience Test Log 003 for further information.