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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Not Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is contained within a steel container in Site-15.
All descriptions of SCP-XXXX must be of what it is not. During a containment breach, personnel are authorized to describe what it is until SCP-XXXX transmutes into a safe object for re-containment.

Description: Whether by spoken, written or sign language, SCP-XXXX is able to change its shape, mass, elemental or molecular consistency when directly described. The only characteristic that can be directly communicated is the nature of the transmutations.

SCP-XXXX can’t be transformed by a correct guess, until confirmed by someone who knows the true nature of the current form. As of XX/XX/2018, it is not mobile, not non-metallic and has no sharp edges.

Forms taken by SCP-XXXX can be normal or anomalous. SCP-XXXX has the capabilities of becoming cognitohazardous or kinetohazardous. Example of previous forms can be seen in Addendum XXXX.1.

Addendum XXXX.1: Interview log SCP-XXXX.15

At XX/XX/XX17, SCP-XXXX took the form of a Caucasian female of average stature and height during testing. Subject seemed frustrated, attempting to attack Foundation staff. An interview was willingly accepted.

The following interview was conducted by Dr. Henry Stanton.


Dr. Stranton: Good afternoon, my name is Dr. Henry Stanton. May I know yours?

SCP-XXXX: My… My name… Sorry doc, it’s been quite some time. Just call me… Lucy.

Dr. Stanton: I see, Lucy. Some time? Could you elaborate?

SCP-XXXX: Not important. I may not have any time so I need to say it now. Say what I am, hope I transform into something harmless then leave me. Find the deepest pit, toss me down it and seal it with stone.

Dr. Stanton: The reasoning behind this?

SCP-XXXX: I have no control over what happens next. (Pauses) It terrifies me.

Dr. Stanton: Whatever form you take, you’ll be fine. Foundation staff should never feel the need to harm y-

SCP-XXXX: It isn’t about me! (Pauses) I can sense the doom upon this world by my own hands.

Subject’s hands turn into feet and expresses mild annoyance.

SCP-XXXX: Do you think I turned into that… monster by purpose? What if I transform into something which can’t be seen, or kills so quickly that humanity can’t react fast enough? I don’t want that. I made a mistake years ago, I pay the price of it every time I sit in that box, knowing that at least I can’t hurt anyone… (Pauses) I am so, very sorry my children…

Dr. Stanton: Children? Lucy, do you think you could give us some names?

Subject grins solemnly, a tear going down her cheek.

SCP-XXXX: By now they’re mummified, or their ashes sprinkled over the Pacific wherever the deepest blue is. Knowing this is my true curse. Mommy paid the price for her crime, maybe thousands of times over. But I hope they enjoyed what they had of their life before I-… Oh god I… Dear god what have I done?

Dr. Stanton: Please calm down, Lucy.

SCP-XXXX: I’m sorry, Dr. Stanton. I’m a human!


SCP-XXXX transformed into a lion which mauled Dr. Stanton before security could arrive. Following this incident, all experiments involving SCP-XXXX must be authorized by a Level 4 Researcher and overseen by two Level 3 Researchers.

Addendum XXXX.2: Examples of previous forms.
Form # Item description Anomalous properties Cause of transmutation
SCP-XXXX.1 Typewriter Symbols on keys which are from an unknown origin. No other anomalous properties seen. D-2931C described the object during initial testing.
SCP-XXXX.2 Meerkat statuette An ornate, silvery sculpture of a meercat, able to move its 6 arms to produce a kinetohazard, causing D-2931 and observing researcher Dr.XXXXXX to [REDACTED]. Blindfolded security personnel made physical contact with the object and described it.
SCP-XXXX.3 Washing machine None. Noted that the blindfolded security’s arms were broken during the sudden enlargement of the object. During a rewrite of the SCP file, personnel referred to the object as non-anomalous.
SCP-XXXX.4 Washing machine Dishwasher washes clothes with blood from an unidentifiable source, seemingly transforming incoming water into blood. D-3810A described the object during testing.
SCP-XXXX.9 Unidentifiable object The object had a constant velocity of 120km/h, causing damage to the containment unit by impact forces and heat. Emergency description of SCP.XXXX.9 to stop the object from breaching containment.
SCP-XXXX.10 Chalkboard Object made a constant 'nails on chalkboard' noise. Dr. Hamilton described the object, being quoted as 'Oh my god, stop. Stupid chalkboard.'
SCP-XXXX.11 [REDACTED] Entity broke containment and resulted in the death of X personnel. Researcher described the entity during the breach of containment.
SCP-XXXX.18 N/A N/A SCP-XXXX.11 is the current form as of XX/XX/20XX.