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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is contained within a steel container in Site-15.
All descriptions of SCP-XXXX must be of what it is not. During a containment breach, personnel are authorized to describe what it is until SCP-XXXX transmutes into a safe object for re-containment.

Description: Whether by spoken, written or sign language, SCP-XXXX is able to change its shape, mass, elemental or molecular consistency when directly described. The only characteristic that can be directly communicated is the nature of the transmutations.

SCP-XXXX can’t be transformed by a correct guess, until confirmed by someone who knows the true nature of the current form. As of XX/XX/2018, it is not mobile, not non-metallic and has no sharp edges.

Forms taken by SCP-XXXX can be normal or anomalous. SCP-XXXX has the capabilities of becoming cognitohazardous or kinetohazardous. Example of previous forms can be seen in Addendum XXXX.1.

Addendum XXXX.1: Examples of previous forms.

Form # Item description Anomalous properties Cause of transmutation
SCP-XXXX.1 Typewriter Symbols on keys which are from an unknown origin. No other anomalous properties seen. D-2931C described the object during initial testing.
SCP-XXXX.2 Meerkat statuette An ornate, silvery sculpture of a meercat, able to move its 6 arms to produce a kinetohazard, causing D-2931 and observing researcher Dr.XXXXXX to [REDACTED]. Blindfolded security personnel made physical contact with the object and described it.
SCP-XXXX.3 Washing machine None. Noted that the blindfolded security’s arms were broken during the sudden enlargement of the object. During a rewrite of the SCP file, personnel referred to the object as non-anomalous.
SCP-XXXX.4 Washing machine Dishwasher washes clothes with blood from an unidentifiable source, seemingly transforming incoming water into blood. D-3810A described the object during testing.
SCP-XXXX.9 [REDACTED] Entity broke containment and resulted in the death of X personnel. Researcher described the entity during the breach of containment.
SCP-XXXX.11 N/A N/A SCP-XXXX.11 is the current form as of XX/XX/20XX.