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Item #: SCP-3814

Object Class: Euclid/Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3814's cell is located at Site-[REDACTED]. Cell is approximately 7 m. x 6.2 m. the cell is to contain no windows aside from the miniature 10.2 in. x 7 in. bullet-proof wire glass attached to the steel door leading into 3814's containment cell. The cell has no active light source at the request of SCP-3814 itself. Security cameras with night vision activated are installed on the ceiling of the cell located at every corner of the enclosure. One camera installed outside of 3814's containment cell with a clear shot of the door to monitor any signs of possible breach from the outside. The door itself measures 6 m. x 1.5 m. with a thickness of 8 inches and is made of highly durable titanium, capable of withstanding a rocket propelled grenade (RPG) rounds or multiple. The door is to have no visible doorknobs on both sides as it is electronic. At the bottom frame of the door is a small 13.2 in. x 10 in. latch which is a suitable size to allow manned rovers to enter into 3814's containment cell as any personnel entering 3814's cell is by all accounts suicide. Both the door and the latch on the door can only be opened via control panel located at the monitor room. In the event that a site wide blackout occurs, automatic emergency locks are activated to ensure 3814's possible escape to be rendered unlikely.

Description: SCP-3814 is a large muscular bipedal lupine measuring 3 m. in length with a shoulder width of 23 in. 3814's head resembles that of a standard Wolf's head but appears to be much larger with luminescent hazel eyes. Unlike canines, 3814 does not appear to be color blind. 3814 has an arm length of 36 in. while possessing hands with measurements of 9.75 in. with 3 in. claws on on each finger. 3814 is also shown to have muscular digitigrade (hind) legs that allow it to run at speeds of 40 MPH on it's two legs alone. When on all fours, it can run up to speeds of 50 MPH. 3814 does not possess a canine tail. 3814's body is coated black fur which absorbs 99.5% of light similar to the material Vantablack. The fur appears to be thick yet soft with further analysis determining that the fur is unrecognizable when compared to other animalia. SCP-3814 possesses human level intelligence with an IQ of 200 or greater and is capable of speech. When speaking, it either speaks in fluent Bulgarian or heavily Bulgarian accented English. SCP-3814 was discovered in ████,Bulgaria on (█/██/19██) after locals had reported a large creature stalking, attacking and killing both livestock and locals alike. Mobile Task Force, Team [REDACTED] moved in and subdued 3814 on (█/██). MTF Fatalities by 3814 were [DATA EXPUNGED] with injuries consisting of 7. Class A Amnesiacs were also administered to witnesses. 3814 is shown to be cooperative during interviews (See Addendum-1A for more details) and can be somewhat eccentric in manner. After which it wishes to be "rewarded" with live prey. 3814 is entirely carnivorous with it's diet primarily consisting of livestock or humans. When given cadavers of the previously mentioned species, 3814 will outright refuse to consume it. 3814 described hunting & feeding on live prey to be "the most exquisite experience one could imagine". Lastly, 3814 is capable (like other canines) of emitting a howl. Unlike the usual canine howls, 3814 is unique as it performs it's howl in a manner of echolocation. Allowing it to locate it's prey even as far as 5 km. away. In the event that 3814 should escape containment, MTF should arm themselves with Dan Inject JM air-rifles with Diprenorphine rounds loaded. Once subdued, The following should be used to restrain 3814. 3814 MUST NOT be terminated unless given permission by O5 Command.

  • Wire basket muzzle.
  • Handcuffs on both wrists with arms placed behind back.
  • Handcuffs applied to ankles.
  • A metal pronged collar on the neck.

After being subdued 3814 is to be restrained to a dolly via metal chains and promptly brought back to it's containment cell.

Addendum-1A: manned rover Gamma-1 enters 3814's containment cell on (██/█/20██). Gamma-1 approached 3814 who appeared to laying in the corner to the far right of the cell.

Interviewed: SCP-3814

Interviewer: Dr. █████

Foreword: SCP-3814 appeared to have been napping prior to Gamma-1 entering it's cell to which Gamma-1 bumped it's left paw to regain consciousness. 3814 awoken in 6 seconds after being touched and gazed at Gamma-1.

<Begin Log>

Dr. █████: Good evening, 3814

SCP-3814: Good evening yourself. To whom I have the pleasure of speaking with?
Dr. █████: This is Dr. █████, I have a few questions I'd like to ask you today.
SCP-3814: [chuckles] as usual.
Dr. █████: Now then. [ruffles through some papers] personnel as well as the locals have speculated that you're a Lycanthrope. Or Werewolf in layman's terms. Can you confirm or deny these claims?
SCP-3814: Hmmm… A "Werewolf"… can't really say myself, so I suppose I'll leave that up to everyone's imagination.
Dr. █████: I see… [takes a sip from his coffee] well then. How exactly old are you?
SCP-3814: I'd say… [DATA EXPUNGED]
Dr. █████: H-how is that possible? that would mean that you mean you come from the [REDACTED] era…
SCP-3814: Oh come now dear doctor, after all that's housed in and goes on in this facility that of all things surprises you?
Dr. █████: Right… now, since we're unable to determine your gender due to your fur, what gender are you exactly?
SCP-3814: Hmhmhmhm… would you like to come in my cell and find out for yourself?
Dr. █████: Uh… I'll pass.
SCP-3814: Hmph. you're no fun…
Dr. █████: Moving on. Now, are you aware of your fellow SCPs? if so, what's your opinion on them? and do most seem appealing or… appetizing to you?
SCP-3814: Hmmm… yes, I am aware of them. Me and 106 seem to have a common understanding of the "thrill of the hunt". That alone grants him my respect. Last breach we passed one other when we were prowling around at Site-██ for prey. Though we didn't speak to one another we knew we had the same goal in mind. As for wishing to consume any of my fellow SCPs, perhaps there are a few around this facility that may seem… delicious. But I have yet to stumble upon any as of yet.

Dr. █████: Okay then… Any other SCPs come to mind?
SCP-3814: The 939 specimens seem rather genius in their tactics, using their past victim's voices to lure in their prey. They also have my respect. But I'm growing hungry, shall I get my reward now?
Dr. █████: Of course, we're sending in a prey item now. [presses a button, causing a loud buzzer to go off as the door to 3814's cell opens with MTF shoving in a D-Class personnel into the cell. D-9021B struggles against the MTF to be shoved inside.]
MTF Operative: Shut the fuck up and get in there!
[D-9021B is shoved inside with the door slamming shut behind him. D-9021D bangs on the door repeatedly.]
D-9021B: YOU MOTHERFUCKERS!!! YOU FUCKING MURDERERS!!! [falls to the floor and begins sobbing.]
SCP-3814: now now, don't cry, we all have to die sometimes [chuckles]
[SCP-3814 growls then proceeds to pounce on D-9021B and begins to viciously maul him. D-9021B screams in agony as he's being torn apart and devoured. 3814 then bites into 9021B's throat and tears it out causing D-9021B to gurgle and choke on his own blood. D-9021B's screams ceases as the only sound remaining being of 3814 tearing into and chewing on D-9021B's corpse.]
<End Log>

Closing Statement: This is Dr. █████. After my session with 3814 I can confirm that stricter security measures should be in place to prevent 3814 from escaping. 3814 appears to have "made friends" with 106. A deadly combination if you ask me. There's also the looming possibly that it had also made allies with other SCPs as well. At this time, I request that both SCP-3814 and SCP-106 should stay far away from one another as possible and proper precautions should be taken to prevent 3814 from finding 106's containment cell. Thank you.