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Mugshot of SCP-XXXX shortly after entering Foundation custody.

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX should be kept in a standard human containment cell and recieve D-Class rationing. It is not permitted to leave this cell unaccompanied at any time. SCP-XXXX should undergo two or more hours of interrogation a day.

Due to the unpredictable nature of SCP-XXXX's temperament, it is to be physically restrained when in close proximity to researchers.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a human male of African descent, approximately in it's late 50's. The Foundation acquired SCP-XXXX from a London madhouse in 1893, however no detectable signs of aging have manifested so far.

SCP-XXXX's manifests a wide variety (98, at time of writing) of different identities. Whenever questioned about this, the subject will give various responses ranging from confusion to denial dependent upon it's current adopted identity, but will invariably deny it has ever exhibited any identity-switching behaviour, despite the body they inhabit not matching up to their identity.

There is currently no known way of predicting when SCP-XXXX will switch identities. Most of these identities do not recur, however some have been observed in the subject multiple times. These identities can have a lifespan of anywhere between two weeks to 3 hours, with the median time being just over three days.

Some particular identities of interest are:

Marie (recurrent 10,492 times). By far the most common identity SCP-XXXX assumes, Marie is (by her own accord) a 9-year-old child born in 1842, formerly resident in the Rhine District of the Kingdom of Prussia. Researchers describe Marie as friendly but shy. It is currently unknown why SCP-XXXX prefers this identity over others, or even if SCP-XXXX is in control of which identity it assumes.

Caz (recurrent 472 times). Caz reports being born on the 45th of ██████, 17███ in '████', but was unable to link this location to a specific spot on Earth. Furthermore, Caz did not recognize a map of Earth when shown one. Caz appears to speak an unidentified, heavy modified version of English, but did not recognize the word 'English' as the name of his language, instead referring to it as [DATA EXPUNGED].

Addendum XXXX-CAZ-1:

Due to the possibility that information obtained through "Caz", or any other futuristic identity, could be used to violate casualty, interrogation of such identities is hereby indefinitely suspended and data derived from them is to be destroyed. I don't care if it's just some kid playing pranks, the risk is too great to take.
- Site Director Heige

Unidentified (recurrent 592 times). Nicknamed "Abby" by researchers, this identity does not appear capable of speech, but can produce several different-pitched grunts, and shows signs of frustration when these are not recognized. Abby is prone to attack researchers, and should not be taunted. When left to it's own devices, Abby had been observed to fashion rocks into tools similar to those belonging to the Oldowan industry. The possibility that SCP-XXXX could be inhabited by early hominids remains on the table.