SCP-XXXX The Die 20 by Kittykay


Item #: Scp-XXXX


Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Scp-XXXX to be contained in a standard anomalous object containment vault in Site-64 and should stay inside it's small felt containment bag while being handled for transport and or non-testing purposes. Approval of at least one (1) Level 3 personnel is required for the removal of the object from its containment area.

Description: Scp-XXXX is a standard sized blue translucent plastic 20 sided die commonly use for the table-top role-playing games. When roled by a humanoid subject, Scp-XXXX causes the subjects' actions to be altered depended on what number the subject gets from Scp-XXXX; see Testing logs in Addendum for examples;
Scp-XXXX was recovered on March / 11th / 2016 from █████ high school in ██████ █████, Michigan after a group of 5 students taking the high school population hostage, the foundation didn't get involved until police reports came soon after about the students getting found not guilty on trail while Mr. ████ █████ the principle was found guilty of the crime while also found guilty of committing a school shooting with a live chicken, but there was no evidence of this. Further research states even Mr. ████ █████ believed he had done it.


The following is an interview with the 5 Students taking by Dr. █████ masking under the guise of a trauma therapist:

The following is a series of tests with Scp-XXXX


Subject: D-XXXX-1

Test: D-XXXX-1 is told to roll Scp-XXXX and then walk foreword

Result: Scp-XXXX landed with "7" facing up then D-XXXX-1 proceeded to walk foreword then trip over there own foot then stumble backwards about half as much as they walked foreword, but didn't fall.


Subject: D-XXXX-1

Test: D-XXXX-1 is told to Drink the glass filled with bleach provided then roll Scp-XXXX

Result: Scp-XXXX landed with "18" facing up, but D-XXXX-1 died from chemical poisoning.

Note: It seems the item must need a variable to change. Let's see if this is right.


Subject: D-XXXX-2

Test: D-XXXX-2 is told to Drink the glass filled with bleach provided then roll Scp-XXXX to see if they would survive, There for this time adding a variable

Result: Scp-XXXX landed with "20" facing up and D-XXXX-2 survived and commented that the bleach was just water. It wasn't


Subject: D-XXXX-2 and D-XXXX-3

Test: D-XXXX-2 was told to lie to D-XXXX-3 and D-XXXX-3 was told roll to see if believe them.

Result: D-XXXX-2 told D-XXXX-3 that have killed them and that D-XXXX-3 was a ghost. D-XXXX-3 rolled Scp-XXXX and it landed with "1" facing up, D-XXXX-3 instantly believed D-XXXX-2 and then yelled at researchers that they couldn't keep them there any longer now while laughing. After that proceeded to try to "phase" through the testing chamber walls. but in reality they ran head first into it repeatedly. D-XXXX-3 had to be restrained as they were continuously bashing them self into the the testing chamber and D-class cell walls. D-XXXX-3 Died 1 hours later due to blood loss and head trauma.

  • Request to use item for cross testing on multiply SCP items submitted..
  • Request to cease testing submitted Denied.
  • Request to reassign to Keter-class submitted.