Special Containment Procedures: To Be Kept In A Four By Four By Five Cell With Locked Glass Box
AKA The Black Book
Description: SCP-3219-A Is A Black Book With The Name [REDACTED] On The Book. If You Read The Book, About 25 Seconds After Reading SCP-3219-A. SCP-3219-B Will Appear And Rush To The Victim And Rip Them Apart.SCP-3219-B Is A Black Humanoid With Claws Attached To It’s Hands, It Has No Pupils And Mouth.

SCP-3219-1:When SCP-[REDACTED] Broke Containment, D-9824 Escaped With SCP-3219-A And Managed To Displace The Book In A Children’s Playground, There Were [REDACTED] Fatalities

SCP-3219-1 interview
Corporal Morison: I Saw It Man, It Goddamn Looked At Me, It Had No Pupils, It Almost Killed My Entire Squad
Interviewer: Explain The Mission Corporal
Corporal Morison: Yeah Ok, We Had Two Choppers Zulu-5 And Epsilon-2, My Squad Dropped First,
It Was A Disaster, We Shot It With At Least 500 Rounds But It Did Not Drop,It Took The Bullets Like A Splash Of Water, It Did Not Even Flinch
Interviewer: Ok, We Will Proceed To Condone Research On SCP-3219-B
Log End

SCP-3219-B Test:
We Put A D Class In The Cell And Asked Him To Read The Book. As Usual SCP-3219-B Appears And Kills The Subject. We Put Another D Class In The Cell And SCP-3219-B Maims The Subject And Kills Him. In Our Research We Have Found Out That SCP-3219-B Does Not Care If The Person Has Read The Book Or Not. If They Are In SCP-3219-B’s Line Of Sight They Will Be Killed.