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Image of SCP-XXXX taken before 201█ testing.1

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be locked in standard 5m x 5m x 5m metal containment room. Anyone that participates in a scenario involving SCP-XXXX, is to be interviewed then given Class-A amnestics.

Anyone requesting to conduct experiments with SCP-XXXX must have approval from a Level 3 researcher or above, an 200m x 200m x 200m secure testing area, and extensive psychological testing and interrogation with any personal attempted to wear SCP-XXXX. To ensure a limited or preferred nonexistent background in: Combat, Violent riots, Terrorist acts, Arson, Etc.

Description: SCP-XXXX, appears to be an OD green M-1923 Dismounted Cartridge Belt. Consisting of 10 pouches sewn on a adjustable strap. All fabric parts are made from a a thick cotton with a water resistant coating, and secured with black "lift-the-dot snaps". Both the snaps, and the crude black buckle are made from a basic zinc alloy. Each pouch was designed to carry a single, 8 round en-bloc .30-06 clip for the M1 Garand rifle. On the inside of the belt, the pouch on the left closest to the buckle is marked in black stencil "U.S.M.C.".

SCP-XXXX when worn, forces whomever dons it to relive the most traumatic moment they have experienced in perfect detail. Even if the individual attempts to deviate from the original scenario, it will always end in the same way the individual remembers. Any human within approximately 100M, will adopt the personality and behavior of whatever individuals appear to be most integral to the scenario.

If not enough personal are available. The wearer and individuals forced to participate, will still see the individuals from the memory, but will voice them personally in tandem with their own voice. Anyone involved in the event will not notice the voices coming from the wearer of SCP-XXXX. Regardless if the wearer and/or multiple people only in the memory are talking at the same time, all voices will be heard perfectly. It is not currently known how this is achieved.

If over the amount of needed individuals are in the 100m area around SCP-XXXX during an event. The extra personal will witness the memory from the eyes of whom is wearing SCP-XXXX. They are unable to effect the scenario in anyway, and become invisible to anyone apart of the event. Individuals recounting their time in a SCP-XXXX event, recall also feeling the thoughts and emotions of the character they play. Or of the wearer if they are unneeded for the event.

Any environmental or physical damage in a SCP-XXXX scenario will be reflected in reality. Guns, Explosives, Knives, and others. Even if the item causing the damage isn't within the event. If the item is in the event, it will be used as intended. The damage can occur outside the 100m area if whatever is causing the damage has an effect that large. Such as a large bomb, or a bullets trajectory.

It is unknown at this time if a dream, or a implanted memory can occur in a scenario by SCP-XXXX, or cause the same real-world effects. Testing may occur of this possibility if approved, but every precaution must be taken to avoid a multitude of K-Class Scenarios.

Despite the basic materials used. SCP-XXXX has been unable to be damaged by any conventional means. Including: Hits from multiple pistol and rifle caliber rounds, crushed under an industrial hydraulic press, and several minutes under a foundation owned thermal lance.

History: SCP-XXXX was discovered ██-██-1974, on the body of a U.S. Army soldier in the Korean Demilitarized Zone during a response to some type of high-explosive detonation. According to U.S. and ROK (Republic of Korea) reports. A U.S. Quick Reaction Force (QRF) was dispatched after a U.S/ROK patrol sent a radio report, the patrol ambushed by what appeared to be at least 1000 Chinese troops, but vanished after they had been hit by an unknown explosion leading to 4 others being wounded, and 2 killed. When the U.S/ROK patrol was secured by the QRF, they discovered 2 Korean Peoples Army (KPA) soldiers just 35M from the U.S/ROK position. All of the KPA were found torn into pieces by large amounts of shrapnel. They were wearing standard KPA equipment, except one with SCP-XXXX untouched around what remained of their waist.