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Item #: SCP-4263

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4263 is contained in a specially built humanoid containment cell, and should be in proximity of the research reactor at the facility. The walls are 80 centimeters thick and coated with 10-centimeter thick lead plating. Sufficient radiation protection must be worn by personnel entering the cell, and proper decontamination procedures should be followed. Discarded objects coming from the cell must be immediately destroyed. SCP-4263 is to be administered an intravenous uranium solution enriched to 18.8% twice daily. The dressings and bandages on SCP-4263's burns are to be changed once a day.

Description: SCP-4263 is a Caucasian female who is approximately 15-16 years of age. The main anomaly is that its cells produce energy through nuclear fission, rather than cellular respiration. The cause of this abnormality is still unknown and is undergoing research. SCP-4263 consumes radioactive materials as its primary source of nutrition and will seek out and crave radioactive substances. Because of this, SCP-4263 emits about 535 R (Roentgens) per hour, and objects handled by SCP-4263 are considered contaminated.

SCP-4263 suffers from acute radiation syndrome, although its symptoms are mild. SCP-4263 has radiation burns covering most of its body, including the extremities. SCP-4263, when in distress, will lose consciousness and go into convulsions, and a bright blue flash (possibly air ionization, further research is needed) will emit from SCP-4263. Extremely high levels of gamma and neutron radiation is released from SCP-4263 during these episodes. SCP-4263's output ranges from 300 kW up to 20 MW, as shown in recent tests.

Addendum-4263-A: SCP-4263 was recovered on █-██-2018 from ███ ████ High School, in ███████, New York. The subject first came to the attention of the SCP Foundation after a report of a teenager drinking from spent fuel pools at the ███████ Nuclear Power Station. Agents in the area were sent to monitor its location and state of the subject. An event was reported on █-██-2018 where the subject was witnessed collapsing and suddenly convulsing rapidly in the commons of the high school. According to eyewitnesses, a "beautiful neon blue light" was observed emitting from the subject. The subject was recovered by MTF Beta-7 ("Maz Hatters"). According to readings of the area, extremely high levels of gamma and neutron radiation were present. The building and vicinity were immediately evacuated, and the area is now sectioned off due to hazardous radiation levels. The death toll resulting from the incident was numbered at ██.

The subject is usually compliant with testing and other procedures, although if made to cooperate with an unwanted action, the subject will become distressed, and the event described above will occur. An interview that resulted in this "surge" is detailed in Addendum-4263-B.

Addendum-4263-B: On ██-██-2018, SCP-4263 was subject to an interview which resulted in a great surge and the death of Dr. █████. The meeting was planned to determine SCP-4263's origins and to gain more information on the events that occurred prior to its recovery. The interview was conducted inside SCP-4263's containment cell, which was deemed the safest location for the interview. Dr. █████ was equipped with appropriate radiation protection and a dosimeter. The interview was to be completed in under thirty minutes to limit exposure. The interview went without incident until Dr. █████ asked a question regarding [REDACTED]. The question caused SCP-4263 to panic, resulting in a surge. The gamma-radiation alarms sounded, and Dr. █████ evacuated the cell, although she was exposed to 20 Sv (Sieverts) of radiation.

Dr. █████ immediately experienced nausea, pain, and difficulty breathing and lost consciousness in the decontamination room. SCP-4263, upon the surge ending, began to vomit, and fresh burns were present on its extremities. SCP-4263 was administered an intravenous uranium solution, and its burns were re-dressed. SCP-4263 recovered after three hours. Dr. █████ sustained serious radiation burns covering most of her body and suffered severe damage to her internal organs. Dr. █████ died after 20 days from multiple organ failure. The cell was moderately damaged and was able to be repaired.