SCP-3229 - Dimensional Portaloos
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Item #: SCP-3229

Object Class: Neutralized Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:
There are too many iterations of SCP-3229, SCP-3229-1 - SCP-3229-457 and any others to be located in the future are to be checked on weekly by containment staff, any anomalies should be reported to head staff of Site-██.

currently, SCP-3229-1, SCP-3229-54 and SCP-3229-246 are all contained in seperate sites.

SCP-3229 is a string of wormholes linked linearly between every model of itself in the universe. The wormhole exists only inside of public portaloos around the world. These portaloos are measured at 1.5x1.5x2.5 metres. Each door of the portaloo has a different coloured wavelength of light in a light above the door; constantly increasing with the number of portaloo corresponding. Number 1 being the darkest blue, and assuming the final SCP-3229 is the last wavelength on a humans visibile spectrum, the final number is to be 500 - This corresponds with the number of the left of SCP-3229-1 -. Most encounters of SCP-3229 have been in nature-heavy and low-populated areas such as deserts and rainforests. The closest iteration of SCP-3229 is SCP-3229-13 which is in the ███████ Rainforest Just ███ miles off Site-██

There are thought to be 500 different types of SCP-3229, as they are all numbered on the side in what seems to be spray paint in roman numerals. On the right, The number that is given to the portaloo itself, and on the left, the number of the portaloo prior; The portaloos seem to be connected in numerical order. At this point, we are not sure what SCP-3229's function is, but a strong electromagnetic field surrounds each and every one of them, and they do not function as portaloos anymore. SCP-3229 is to be classed as Neutralized until more information is found

Incident 1:
On ██/██/20██ Dr. █████ ████ entered SCP-3229-53 to find if the effects of SCP-093 on the portaloo's mirror. After no effect on the plastic mirror inside, Dr. ████ dropped SCP-093 into the toilet bowl of SCP-3229-42; causing it to instantly vanish. 3 hours after this incident, Site-██ reported finding SCP-093 in the sink of SCP-3229-54

SCP-3229 is a wormhole linked between multiple portaloos classed as sub-scp's under the defined SCP-3229. These portaloos have an ability to only transport a classified SCP from the foundation from one, to another. These transportations have an order; the numbers on the right side of each SCP-3229. There seems to be no limit to what SCP can be transported through SCP-3229 as long as it is an SCP. Unclassified SCPs do not transfer through the wormhole system.

When SCP-3229 is transferring one object to another, no other iterations of SCP-3229 can transfer an object until the prior transfer has completed; These transfers can take between 1 and 5 hours to complete.

If a classified SCP is put inside SCP-3229-457 the SCP is lost for good, as SCP-3229-458 is still unfound at this point, along with SCPs 3229-459 to 3229-500.

Incident 2:
SCP-2945 was dropped into SCP-3229-458 by (Deceased) Dr. █████. After SCP-2945 was lost, Dr █████ was instructed to put his glasses into SCP-1162. As he did this, he explained he felt an "odd" object inside of SCP-1162 and he pulled out SCP-2945.

SCP-1162 and SCP-3229 seem to be connected in natures that we can no longer understand. SCP-3229 must be classed as Euclid until further understanding

When all instances of SCP-3229 are found, they are to be spread out between all Sites and to be used as a "SCP Transport System" to keep classification of SCPs against the general public.