Item #: SCP-00

Object Class:

Special Containment Procedure: SCP-00 must be maintained
in a completely white and symmetrical room in all the questions,
with 20m x 20m x 20m. The room must be completely illuminated with
also white lights and have equally white cushions arranged on
walls, floor and ceiling. Beneath the cushions,
magnets with high magnetic power should should be placed with thw
negative side facing outwards.

The tempered glass cube housing SCP-00 should have
diameter of 5m x 5m x 5m should be suspended magnetically
in the exact middle of the room, with 15m of space between the cube, ceiling,
walls and floor, magnets with high magnetic power should be
on the edges of the cube with the positive side facing outwards.

SCP-00 should be watched 24 hours a day.

Discription: SCP-00 is an individual who seems to be 6 to 8 years old and
apparently of the masculine gender, but without external or internal genital organs.
No hair or pigmentation on the skin, only a red stripe that starts from the lower lip and runs
to the area where your genitals should be, a dot above and below each eye, and
two other stripes that begin below the dot below the eyes and go up to the jaw.

SCP-00 is perfectly symmetrical in all elements of itsbody, everything has the same size,
distance and circumference in relation to your pair.

SCP-00 can communicate in any known language and also
in exactly 253 ??not known languages. He identifies himself as
"Satan", however, enters into a severe emotional state of anxiety
when introduced to the christian Devil, he begins to cry and shout,
repeating the phrase "I am not that Satan" between sobs and cries.
(See appendix 1). Besides that, SCP-00, behaves like a normal child
of his supposed age.

SCP-00 has the ability to completely control all atoms
around him, he can transform one material into another that is
presented to him or of his prior knowledge. It's impossible
contain SCP-00, however, the item seems to cooperate with us.

SCP-00 is completely intolerant to lack of light
even if it is partial, or even when somewhere outside his
room is dark, being this room in his field of vision. SCP-00 says he sees
SCP-87-1 in all dark places. (see appendix 2)

SCP-00 also hates to be alone, and even if he's asleep, he can
notice if he is or not alone. If left alone, begins to scream at
a very high and sharp frequency, breaking any solid surface around it.

SCP-00 is very sociable and often asks to leave his room
and talk to other people, but fortunately can be easily distracted
of this desire.

SCP can communicate with any living being, botanic or not, including
other SCP's, and is only released from his room when there is a containment breach
of a SCP and help is needed. (see appendix 3)

SCP-00 should be terminated in the long term (if possible).

Addendum 1:

*Dr. enters the glass room walking for a bridge of the same material that is raised to the
your feet*

Dr .: How are you, SCP-00?

SCP-00: *Unresponding*

Dr .: I mean, how are you, Satan?

SCP-00: *raises his head to Dr. and smiles* Fine.

*Dr. takes out a Christian Bible and a paper with several vesicles and begins to look for these
in the Bible, all the vesicles talk about the Devil. SCP-00 begins to cry while Dr, reads the
vesicles, and begins to beg the Dr. to stop and start repeating the phrase "I'm not that Satan!".
SCP-00 begins to get very close to Dr., who is removed from the room*

Addendum 2:

*The addendum reports the day that SCP-00 is used as a guinea pig to descend the SPC-87*

Dr .: Do you hear me, Satan?

SCP-00 Yes, Dr.

*SCP-00 is on the first step*

SCP-00: There's someone crying down there.

Dr .: How many meters exactly?

SCP-00: Apparently exactly 220 meters, I feel two presences down there,
the one that is currently producing the cry is … at the end.

*The image changes from the first step to a very dark place, the sound of crying
it's way ahead*

Dr .: Where are you now ?!

SCP-00: At the sound source, Dr.

*SCP-00 illuminates the place which appears to be a very long corridor that only illuminates 1
meter ahead of SCP-00. SCP-00 turns to get a better view of the ladder, but
is faced with SCP-87-1, staring at the camera. SCP-00 begins to scream and cry loudly
SCP-87-1 is seen for the first time looking away the camera and stare at SCP-00, SCP-87-1
quickly disappears, and SCP-00, still screaming, begins to light himself up, consequently
illuminating all the way to the first step, but surprisingly the corridor does not illuminate
one meter more. SCP-00 kept yelling non-stop for another 6 hours until a personnel rescued him.
The personnel gave no signs of SCP-87-1*.

  • The appendix reports the day of the SCP-96 containment failure. *

D-9045 looked at the SCP-96 face while he was cleaning SCP-96 room. SCP-96 began to run behind D-9045
until it reached it and {DATA EXPUNGED}. Other officials in the building tried to help D-9045,
but they ended up looking at the face of the SCP-96, which eventually resulted in a chain
reaction all over the building. SCP-00 was released and, looking at SCP-96, SCP-00 [DATA EXPUNGED], which
eventually calmed the creature, making it forget the last episode, SCP-00 will be used to terminate SCP-96
soon. *