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Item #: SCP-3XXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3XXX is to be contained within a room at the minimum size of a 18 meter by 18 meter floor, with the floor lowered by 18 meters below the door. The containment chamber is to be filled with water. Under no circumstance should any personnel enter the water (See Addendum 3XXX-A).

Description: SCP-3XXX is a humanoid creature, 7ft in height. It has no visible flesh, but is instead covered by black bones, and upon inspection, appears to be coal. Upon leaving the water, it is completely dry, and after approximately 3 seconds, everything within 18 meters of SCP-3XXX begins to heat up by about 5°C every second. The highest recorded temperature before needing to be placed back into containment is 865°C. It has not shown signs of needing to breathe, but cannot swim. When completely submerged in water, the effects are seemingly neutralized, but after experimentation, the water seems to absorb all of the heat, as it heats up, but shows no visual signs of boiling.
When any living thing enters the area of heating, SCP-3XXX turns to face the being, and will then "wall off" the area with flames. During this process, it has proven impossible to extinguish the flames. The process lasts around 12 seconds, and afterwards, the area is cooled back down to it's original temperature, but begins to heat back up again immediately after. Subjects exposed to this are left with [DATA EXPUNGED], and die after 3-7 hours, turning to ash afterwards. Inspecting the bodies, the temperatures are raised up to 1247°C, and the victim's flesh slowly turns to coal, eventually combusting into flames and left as ash 4 seconds afterwards.

Addendum 3XXX-A:
The initial tests for SCP-3XXX were done using a single Class D personnel. The objective was to see if entering the water would be lethal to a subject.
The Class D was ordered to stick a foot inside, which visually seemed fine. Then, he was asked to place both legs inside, then to fully submerge himself. Immediately after his last hair entered the water, the surface of the water was somehow lit on fire. Subject was unable to exit the water. After the 12 seconds ended, the water had vanished and SCP-3XXX grabbed the wall, causing it to melt instantly, but stopped when it gained a strong grip. It began climbing the walls to reach the door, and appeared to be smiling. Personnel were deployed to ensure it did not breach containment, and the containment chamber was being refilled with water. It placed it's hand on the door and then started walking through, melting the door. When personnel arrived, it began sinking in the floor, waving at them with a smile. It was halfway through the floor, but luckily the water in the chamber started to over-flow and SCP-3XXX was placed into stasis after being completely submerged.
After personnel left the room, the hall was flooded until only 3ft was left for air and specialized units entered, placing a water tank above the object, carefully lifting it inside and trapping it inside without submerging themselves. The tank was placed back into the room and released the object once the hallway was and repairs were made. Notes were taken on how the object is placed into stasis when submerged in water.