Item #: SCP-5017

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5017 is to stay in the breast pocket of SCP-5017-1 at all times and is never to be removed unless for testing purposes. SCP-5017-1 is to be held in a 5 metre by 5 metre containment cell after the removal of SCP-5017, and shall not be spoken to or looked at by staff unless testing is being conducted or until SCP-5017 is returned.
SCP-5017 is only to be removed while SCP-5017-1 is unconscious, as to provide as little damage as possible to staff.

Description: SCP-5017 is a clear glass butterfly with a yellowish hue when not on a person. It has been observed that SCP-5017, when worn by a person, will give that person an extreme strength that activates when SCP-5017 turns red, such as when it is threatened. SCP-5017 is normally very docile, but has been seen giving wearers the ability to pick up anywhere from two to eighteen times as much weight as the wearer would normally be able to lift, granting the wearer the ability to jump at unusually high heights, and to run enormous distances without tiring. It, as of yet, does not seem to cause any bad side effects, other than the compulsion to eat odd things the wearer normally would think is disgusting, such as ice cream and pickles, or mayonnaise and pizza. Other than that, SCP-5017 has no obvious side effects.

Discovery: SCP-5017 was first discovered when Mary ██████, a well-known acrobatic in 17██, won gold medal in the Olympics with an outstanding jumping height of 15 feet. The Olympics took place in ████████, Germany, and Mary ██████ was recovered by the Foundation on March ██ of 17██. She died shortly after due to cardiac arrest, and SCP-5017 appeared one night on Professor ██████, who was soon put in confinement until it was determined SCP-5017 had no ill intentions.

Addendum: SCP-5017 seems to be the cause of a majority of world records, dating all the way back to 150█. The lengths that SCP-5017 will go to to continue being on a host is unknown, and the way in which it escapes and reappears on a nearby staff member appears to happen instantaneously, invisible to the naked eye.

Note: SCP-5017 is unable to be interviewed, as seen during Incident 401-B. See Professor █████████ for details.