Item #: SCP-6691

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-6691 is allowed to freely roam the facility. Staff are encouraged to interact with it whenever seen, though not feed it.
SCP-6691 is to always be kept in a 10 metre by 10 metre containment cell with 32 centimetre thick bullet resistant plexiglass, and the container is to be kept sterile with a 13 centimetre thick layer of a mixture of Isopropyl myristate and 1800 milligrams of salt, as to keep SCP-6691 placid and stagnant. Staff of a Level 2 security clearance or below are not to enter SCP-6691's containment area unless undergoing testing, and no female staff are allowed within 15 metres of SCP-6691's containment cell.

Description: SCP-6691 is a blue, animated liquid that can change shapes and size as it pleases. It has the tendency to hug a staff member's arm or leg and make sounds similar to a newborn baby, specifically with females that are pregnant or have been pregnant before Purposefully follow around and cling to the lower half of females, mainly ones that are above twenty and below thirty. Male staff with a record of assault on females will be ignored attacked, and SCP-6691 will attempt to viciously rip them apart. For more details, see incident 17-D.

Addendum: SCP-6691 was first discovered when a man posted a video of himself and a friend attempting to create a creature using unnamed ingredients. They spoke in an as of yet unidentified and untranslated language, but some of the recognizable ingredients used to make SCP-6691 were as follows; 2 metric tonnes of citric acid, 502 grams of sulfur, eighteen grams of acrylamide, nine gallons of a mixture of nicotine, cyanide, and digoxin, and an unknown mixture of chemicals- about two grams -dubbed 'ad vitam', or 'to give life', which is a chemical that has the properties to either create life or improve it by giving a certain or certain power/s dependent on the user by injecting into any bodily system, particularly through the bloodstream or given orally, both of which can be deadly. SCP-6691's location was immediately tracked down and several personnel were sent to recover the SCP, which seemed rather docile at first. it immediately took a liking to the female staff, and even attempted to get beneath their clothes.
Requests for SCP-6691 to be transferred to Keter class are being processed.