SCP-XXXX The Salt Sickness
Item #: SCP- source

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Under no circumstances are any personnel allowed near SCP- ‘s containment unit, aside from select personnel and O5 personnel. SCP- and all of its victims are to stored in an empty 5m x 5m x 3m containment unit, away from all forms of biological matter in Site ██, ███████ , Australia. Any personnel who have contracted SCP- are to be terminated and incinerated immediately. All breaches are to be treated as a Class 2 Priority. SCP- is to be guarded by no less than 6 guards, all of which must have weekly psychological evaluation and scanning to detect any trace of SCP- . Personnel under Class-4+ who have knowledge about SCP- will be given Class-A Amnesiacs, demotion or suffer termination. Any breach of SCP- or of it's knowledge is to be reported to O5-██ In case of breach of SCP- -1, MTF Unit Kilo-6 (Salt Sequencing) is to be made aware of breach location and sent immediately. SCP- is not to be confused with SCP-008 due to it's zombie-like victims.

Description: SCP- is a form of plague that turns victims into zombie-like individuals (hereby known as SCP- -1) covered in [DATA EXPUNGED]. The plague is sentient and seems to focus on certain individuals, mainly children aged 5-11 years of age or adults 24-32 years of age. The plague is extremely dangerous, and all known sufferers suffer from peculiar effects, noted to be toxic to biological matter. SCP- is known to progress away from sources of liquid matter, including frozen matter such as dry ice/ice.

SCP- is of similar design to the Zika Virus, with the same structure, with the only difference being related to its anomalous properties. The virus has been named “The Salt Sickness” due to the procedure of becoming SCP- -1. The stages are split into five.

Stage 1: The victim (Known as SCP- -A) will contract SCP- and will act normally. Minor changes to internal organs, gradually turning to a salt type. Duration ranges from 3 days-6 months

Stage 2: SCP- -A begins running a fever and feels pain in affected organs. Eyes lose iris and pupil, becoming pure white, all hair on body also becomes white. Duration ranges from 1 week-12 months

Stage 3: SCP- -A begins growing salt crystals on skin, all internal organs are a salt type, though act normally. Subject experiences significant pain and slowly lose hair and vocal chords. Duration ranges from 1 day-1 week

Stage 4: SCP- -A is completely covered in salt crystals, and all internal organs are salt. All higher brain function is lost, and the now SCP- -1 will proceed to attack all biological matter and move away from all liquid matter.


Any form of SCP- -1 is known to attack the walls of it's cell, and when in contact with a biological being, will proceed to maim and vomit on the subject, spreading the contagion further. As SCP- is spread, the more dangerous is will become, becoming aggressive and violent. All personnel are to be moved away from SCP- ‘s cell, with a 3km (1.86 miles) for safety and given Class-A Amnestics.

SCP- was recovered from █████████, Queensland, Australia on ██ ████ 19██, with major casualties to Foundation Containment Units and Researchers. SCP- is currently contained in Site ██ until further notice. SCP- , before containment, had spread and caused the deaths of ████ civilians before Cyclone Marcia.

Addendum -1: SCP- was given Apollyon designation, previously thought to be unstoppable. After containment of surviving virus cells, remaining cells of SCP- still in the world show susceptibility to liquid, and proved destroyed in heavy rain during Cyclone Marcia in the Queensland state of Australia. Object class changed to Keter.

Addendum -2: SCP- given testing ground to try and contain or kill SCP-682. Procedure successful, though only with SCP-682 being contained. SCP- seems to not wish to infect SCP-682, but acts as a safeguard. █ Researchers killed in the attempt. Object class changed to Thaumiel.

Addendum -3: SCP- has failed in it's attempts to permanently safeguard SCP-682. SCP-682 grew irritated and proceeded to attempt to destroy walls guarding it's chambers. Breach occurred, with both SCP- and SCP-682 released. Both contained after a time period of █ Hours and █ minutes. ██ Personnel casualties throughout the attempt. SCP- ‘s object class reverted back to Keter.