lachyjaam suicidal jelly

Item #: SCP X, Also called "The Suicidal Jelly"

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP X is kept in any available containment cell or researcher quarters available, as SCP X lives a nomadic life dependent on testing. He moves from Facility to facility with the foundation as he has a great testing ability, SCP X also holds a level 2 access card as he is considered part of the foundation. SCP X is able to move freely about the facility he is at as long as he is in a Level 2 clearance area. SCP X doesn't need any security of any kind unless outside the facility, SCP X can be called on for testing at any time, or any expendable task. (SEE APPENDIX)

Description: SCP X is a humanoid male, 1.8m, 71kg, sentient and is made entirely out of a 'Jelly like' substance (Color varies from time to time, color based on consumption patterns). SCP X was found on the shores of Rockingham beach, Western Australia, by Foundation personnel returning to SITE-45 from a field exercise. SCP X has the ability to manipulate his atomic structure in order to regrow, or reform tissue, this allows him to take the form of solid objects, including but not limited to: Animals, Machinery, Vehicles, Food or other consumables (SEE TEST LOG EXPERIMENT #2 FOR FURTHER INFO), Elements from the periodic table, or any mixture of items, eg, a dog made of cheese, a military tank that can talk, etc. However the only way to do this is if SCP X is under either physical or mental trauma, SCP X cannot change his form unless he is in pain. SCP X is fully sentient and has a humorous, he can persuade, disagree or agree, and can come up with original thoughts. SCP X is indistinguishable from a human being, except for the fact that he is made from jelly, he has all organs( or moving parts if he is a machine), and can take in food (or fuel) like any other human, he also bleeds and has a nervous system meaning he can feel touch. SCP X is fully cooperative and enjoys being with the foundation, SCP X is open for dangerous testing to anyone interested [put link here plz] and is also allowed the same privalleges as a recruit researcher (eg, walking around freely, visiting cafeteria, veiwing experiments, holding a lvl-2 Security clearance card).


DATE: 1/13/2018
LOCATION: SITE 45, Indian Ocean, West Australian Coast
INVOLVED: SCP X, Dr Lachlan O'Hehir , Lieutenant Izzy Krys, 2 Class D Personel

Dr O'Hehir Good morning 'X ,as you can probably assume we have a few tests to run.
X Well great, the foundation really knows how to start a Sunday morning don't they?.
Dr O'Hehir A fair call, but this test is very urgent
X Why, was somebody killed by the Evil Cheese again?
Dr O'Hehir Yes you are very funny arent you?, and no.
X What a shame, would have loved to see that, ok lets get to the testing.
Dr O'Hehir Wonderful, firstly Dr. Greentree congratulates you on keeping a keen sense of humour and he takes full responsibility for last week ( see incident X 8B )
Dr O'Hehir Well he says it wasnt your bad and that that guard was retarded, his exact words. Now, lets begin, Can you please take the form of a boy, about 8?
X Wow, these tests are slowly becoming more depressing
ACTION (SCP X takes the form of a child, and is moved into a large test chamber)
Dr O'Hehir Ok, send in the class D's, and send in miss Krys
ACTION The 2 Class D's walk in, they stands next to SCP X holding metal batons, Followed by LT. Izzy Krys who is holding a P90
Dr O'Hehir Ok, D-8220 and D-10266, Using the metal rods beat the young child senselessly until you are instructed to stop, keeping in mind refusal will result in your extermination
D-8220 What? What the F██, are you joking? No, I'm not doing that, you and your mother-f█…
Dr O'Hehir
ACTION Lt. Krys aims the P90 towards D-8220 and opens fire, painting the wall with the contents of D-8220's head
X Ok, I'm not playing anymore, that wasn't ok, hey lab monkey can you hurry up and do what he says, do you really want to be shot too?
D-10266 Forgive me god
ACTION D-10266 beats the child over the back of the head and the face several times, until he falls to the floor with an exposed jaw and open cranium
Dr O'Hehir Ok, stop, put down the baton, and take a step back
D-10266 Oh my god, what have I done, I'm a monster…
ACTION As D-10266 falls to the floor bawling, Lt. Krys tasers him and takes him back to confinement, SCP X shortly after regains conciseness and pushes the baton into his wounds and gets up with no signs of injury
SCP X Oi Doc, What the F██? Why did this test need to happen and why did you kill that guy, you could've just fired a few warning shots?
Dr O'Hehir Well, 4 files had you down as able to regrow tissue, but none mentioned that you can use actual physical items to boost this, nor do they mention your amazing resilience to pain, and these small details make a huge difference . Plus that fella' is a murderer who killed his wife with a butter knife , and since he was a class D he would have been exterminated at the end of the month which is in like 2 days anyway. Well that wraps that up, take 5 people then we should get back to work, I'm sure there will be further testing.