SCP 914 makes me happy
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Personal log of: Dr. Lachlan O'Hehir

Date: █████

Firstly we didn't do anything inherently wrong, you can't put living beings, dead beings, ammunition or firearms into SCP 914, but there is nothing that says that I can't put a Battery into '914, then load that into a firearm. It isn't ammunition after all, I wasn't intending to fire batteries, it was a power source. Now, a free weekend, this was literally what we lived for, Noah and myself spent our days either ripping apart corpses or piecing them back, a break from that is heaven. Now, we spent an hour or 2 trying to replicate the laser in the laser cutter (That occasionally we use, but don't tend to use often as it is bulky), a hand held laser would make our lives so much easier. We pretty much had 3 lasers (taken from the laser cutters spare parts), a trigger and a few double a's. Now it worked, but it was so unbelievably useless as it could barely shine a light, we needed more power, and we knew how to get it.
SCP 914 was a gem, we threw in the double a's and began waiting, now just to clarify we were intending to use this for the foundations benefit.