lachyjaam 3.1

Incident details:
-DATE: 7/5/2018
-INVOLVED: -Dr. Rueben Greentree
-Private (E-2) Joeseph Wilson

DESCRIPTION- Dr.Greentree is conducting an experiment in the SITE-45-D BLOCK involving SCP-1471 , a simple test was to explore SCP-1471's inner depths by utilising SCP X's great trauma thresholds. The design was to keep SCP-X in contact with SCP-1471 for as long as possible, despite the effects, SCP X had to conscientiously live in endless contact with SCP 1471. Various complications arose, which are fully explained in the following table of events.

2 pm 28/4/2018 SCP X is given a mobile tablet, tablet is plugged in to keep its battery at max, MalO ver1.0.0 has been downloaded on device, internet access is allowed only as a private server, no info is out going.
2:10 pm 28/4/2018 "Snapchat" is installed
2:13 pm 28/4/2018 SCP 1471 sends a photo, of the cafeteria in SITE-81, SCP X will visit this location on a daily basis as he usually lives there, a dog skull emerges from a crowed of researchers
5:56 pm 28/4/2018 SCP X asks for SCP 1471's name, SCP 1471 sends a photo of a Ford escort mk-2, SCP X has a poster featuring one in his cell, SCP 1471 can just be seen (through tinted glass) laying down in the rear seats, SCP X then falls asleep
9:02 pm 28/4/2018 SCP 1471 sends a photo of SCP X's cell, the point of veiw is from SCP X's open wardrobe and the photo shows his bed, bedside table, and drawers. SCP 1471 shows a part of her hand in the bottom right
11:31 am 29/4/2018 SCP X sends a photo of himself, SCP 1471 puts a "like" on it. (FURTHER IN ADDENDUM)
2:46 pm 1/5/2018 SCP 1471 sends a photo of the large oil rig attached to SITE-45, SCP X had gone up there 24 mins earlier (With the mobile device) to have a smoke. SCP 1471 is leaning against a large pipe that SCP X was sitting opposite from.
8:22 pm SCP 1471 Sends a photo of the staff room that SCP X had visited earlier for dinner. She is sitting at the table he sat at.
1:07 am 3/5/2018 SCP X receives a photo of SCP 1471 leaning over Dr. Greentree's shoulder in the cell observing room, SCP X can be seen below, Dr. Greentree has no recollection of the incident.
7:39 am 6/5/2018 SCP X is under isolation procedures and cannot leave his chamber on account of him attacking Dr. Greentree, after SCP X saw SCP 1471's reflection on Greentree's glasses, he threw a punch attempting to toss the glasses resulting in minor injuries to Dr. Greentree. After losing his glasses and enduring the stun effects of being struck in the head, Dr. Greentree fell down a small flight of stairs and has been hospitalised. SCP X was tasered and put in isolation.
4:32 7/5/2018 Pvt Joseph Wilson enters the chamber after SCP X destroys the tablet, Pvt Wilson is over-powered by SCP X and his shotgun was taken, Pvt was unharmed and is sat in a corner.
4:40 7/5/2018 SCP X takes Pvt Wilson's shotgun and pushes the barrel onto the roof of his mouth, through tears he screams "I can't take this S██t anymore!", the trigger clicks sending 14 ball bearings through the top of his head throwing bone, teeth, hair and tissue over the wall. (FURTHER IN APPENDIUM)

-A like from '1471? Does she openly like the content or is it just what she does, this could be somewhat forms of communication.
-SCP X commits suicide on account of SCP 1471 always being in his line of sight, sleep deprived, isolated and not eating anything SCP X was in pain and decided to destroy his brain to get her out, it worked perfectly but is ill-advised as SCP X cannot die. SCP 1471 didn't force nor tell SCP X to kill himself, that was his decision.