Lander Greys

Item #: SCP-XXXX-1 "Humanity Intertwined"

Object Class: Keter Genesis

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the sheer size and scope of SCP-XXXX-1 as a whole, O5 has determined that SCP-XXXX is uncontainable by current foundation resources. However, due to the very nature of SCP-XXXX-1's effects on other SCPs, Foundation Personel, and our planet in general, it has become mandatory for all members of the SCP Foundation to undergo training in the event of a catastrophic SCP-XXXX-1 Event.
As such, a designated task force named Genesis-Alpha1 has been created to monitor all SCP-XXXX activity and alert the foundation should any major SCP-XXXX-1 Event occur. As of now, O5 has determined that the best containment we can enact on SCP-XXXX, is vigorous global misinformation campaigns on SCP-XXXX's true abilities. These campaigns are also to be strictly monitored by O5 to avoid any foundation caused catastrophic SCP-XXXX-1 Events by the leakage of information. All personnel related to SCP-XXXX and Genesis-Alpha1 are to be located on site XXX for concise study and reference. Informational vaults and SCP-[REDACTED] which are used to combat SCP-XXXX-1 Events are to be housed on site at all times. The vaults are to be checked daily for informational discrepancies by site XXX personnel and backup vault personnel are to be corresponded with in the case of suggested informational breaches.

Any attempts at experimentation on SCP-XXXX have also been strictly forbidden by the ethics comity and the majority of O5 due to the very nature of the founding of the SCP Foundation. Humanity in a cage is not something the ethics comity wishes to see in any possible earthlian future. However, should instances of SCP-XXXX-1 become so severe that SCP-XXXX starts ripping itself apart, O5 shall immediately review and amend these procedures.

Description: SCP-XXXX is the anomalous reality-warping effects of humanity's memory as a whole. In short, it has been described as the Mandella Effect by the common people that know of it, and by the designation of SCP-XXXX-1 by the Foundation Personel that are assigned to it. Effects of SCP-XXXX-1 varies per instance, but are mostly observed as minor informational discrepancies due to our ongoing misinformation campaigns. Major SCP-XXXX-1 events have happened, however, and there are ongoing investigations into how those events have changed our world via timeline butterfly effects.

At length, SCP-XXXX is humanity itself and all reality-altering effects caused by it's collective consciousness as a whole. All reality-altering effects caused by SCP-XXXX have been labelled as SCP-XXXX-1 and a complete list of all authorized to be disclosed SCP-XXXX-1 effects have been included in this document, titled SCP-XXXX-1A. The list itself has been known to have its own informational discrepancies caused by SCP-XXXX-1 events so occasional recalibration is required periodically with informational vaults. The list has been deemed correct and up to date as of the current date of [REDACTED], however, It shall be noted that the list will be recalibrated as need be in accordance with Genesis-Alpha1 Procedures as determined by O5.

Extended research into SCP-XXXX-1 phenomena and its causes are ongoing, however, it is currently believed that humanity itself possesses extrasensory properties unknown to the general masses. It is believed that as humanity grows in numbers, so will the occurrences of SCP-XXXX-1 Events and their general severity. It is unknown exactly how powerful humanity's reality-altering abilities are, but it has been observed that many powerful SCP entities such as SCP-[REDACTED] and SCP-[REDACTED] have been directly created by SCP-XXXX-1 Events.

To date, the foundation has encountered many reality altering devices or beings such as SCP-3313, SCP-2242, SCP-[REDACTED], and many others, however, none of the procedures or devices developed to combat those entities have been determined effective against SCP-XXXX-1 events. As such, the only known way of ascertaining the legitimacy of SCP-XXXX-1 Events is constant monitoring of the timeline by using the anomalous properties of SCP-[REDACTED] and anti-SCP-XXXX informational vaults.

It is currently believed that the more information that is revealed to the general populace about SCP-XXXX's true abilities, the worse the corresponding SCP-XXXX-1 Events will become. Observations have also determined that SCP-XXXX-1 Events are swayed by social phenomena and are directly related to the general populace's psyche.

Approved List of observed SCP-XXXX-1 phenomena: Document SCP-XXXX-1A:

1: "Oscar Meyer" hotdogs anomalously changed it's name to "Oscar Mayer."

2: A popular Queen Song titled "We are the Champions" has it's ending anomalously changed to have fewer words. The phrase: "…of the world!" at the end has been cut out.

3: Monopoly mascot, "RIch Uncle Pennybags" has his monocle anomalously removed.

4: Popular Pokémon character Pikachu has his black-tipped tail become pure yellow.

5: The Mona Lisa has once again become an unknown figure in painting history after previously being identified in another SCP-XXXX-1 Event.

6: The "Berenstain Bears" switched back to being called the "Berenstein Bears."

7: "Philips" electronics switches its name to become "Phillips" electronics.

8: A vintage 80's Masterhand Gauntlet toy vanishes from existence.

9: Popular child book character "Curious George" loses his long monkey tail.

10: Foundation site 14 becomes Foundation site 15 and vice versa.

11: "Jiffy" peanut butter becomes "Jif" peanut butter.

12: "Fruit Loops" cereal becomes "Froot Loops" cereal.

13: Pop-song "I'm a Barbie Girl" changes lyrics from "in a Barbie World" to "In the Barbie World."

14: Ink Eraser "White-Out" becomes "Wite-Out."

15: SCP-231-7's designation switches with SCP-231-6's.

16: SCP Foundation's "Ketar" designation becomes "Keter" designation.

17: SCP-[REDACTED] no longer exists.

18: "Rubiks Cube" puzzle toy becomes "Rubix Cube."

19: "Mickey Mouse" loses suspenders on his costume.

20: NASA space telescope "Ubble" becomes "Hubble"

21: SCP-140 loses previously documented recorded information and reverts to a previous form.

22: "Crispy Creme" brand doughnuts switches into "Krispy Kreme."

23: SCP-[Redacted] comes into existence, classified as "Safe."

24: England's King Henry VIII's portrait of eating a turkey leg vanishes.

25: SCP-[REDACTED] comes into existence in California, USA, causes massive fires. Classified as Keter after containment.

26: "C-3PO" from Star Wars loses all gold costume and gains a silver leg.

27: the United States of America loses 2 states and becomes an even 50 states.

28: Several Gene mutations cause humanity to be immune to the Kailowe Virus Plague.

29: Kailowe Virus Plague vanishes from history.

30: Country of Sri Lanka changes map locations.

31: Several species of harmful insects have disappeared from the planet.

32: The Previous Record of Mona Lisa becoming a known Person was lost. Document SCP-XXXX-1A set for recalibration.

O5 Addendum-1:

It has come to the attention of O5 that many personnel who have read the original report of SCP-XXXX and undergone the mandatory SCP-XXXX-1 training have thought the entire thing was a joke… And that Genesis-Alpha1 is a Foundation Myth or "Boogie-Man" created to keep new recruits from leaking foundation information. This addendum has been added here to remind you all that if you think that site XXX and Genesis-Alpha1 is a myth, then they are doing their jobs perfectly. As Foundation Personel, we remind you that many of the SCPs contained within our facilities have unexplained origins. If you think for one second that these unknown SCPs may not have been caused by humanity itself as an anomalous conglomerate and Genesis-Alpha1 isn't one of the most successful Foundation Task Forces in existence by limiting their number, then you are sadly mistaken. We have already experienced what the world turns into when the Genesis-Alpha1 taskforce has failed to do their jobs. It isn't pretty, many Thamiel class SCPs have to be deployed and that's if we survive all the containment breaches that occur simultaneously by reality spinning out of control. We are still cleaning up after such a catastrophe to this day and we are damn glad that nobody remembers. We pray to whatever god we have created that the anomaly wars of XXXX will never again have to be erased from annuls of history.

O5 Addendum-2:

If one thing is for certain, humanity will learn to control this power in the future, or it will be destroyed by it.