Key to Your Own [dufthl]
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SCP-XXXX description.

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be contained in a locked metal box filled with granular sand. The security code to the containment box must only be known to researchers who have not been under any memetic influence in the past year. Direct skin contact with SCP-XXXX must never be made unless for authorized testing. All interactions must be overseen by a Level 3 researcher or higher.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a 23 cm-long key, made of an unidentifiable bronze-colored metal1. It weighs roughly 1.2 kg, roughly the weight of a gold object of identical volume. SCP-X resembles a large ornate key in its inert state. (Once in direct skin contact, SCP-XXXX ceases to be inert and undergoes a series of activation.) The carvings on the knob depict a flourishing, multi-branched plant while the inscription on its grip is written in a transcript similar to the Byblos Syllabary. As of 20██/██/██, however, this script is undecipherable. Further research on the letters engraved along the teeth of the key show that it reads 'IANUS', possibly a reference to the Roman deity of time, change, and passages.

Upon contacting human skin, the SCP undergoes several noticeable changes. First, SCP-XXXX’s ‘teeth’ change distinctly in shape and pattern. These patterns differ from case to case, and are seemingly random, though there have been a few instances of near-identical shifts recorded. This process takes roughly 1.3 seconds, with a margin of error of 0.04. Directly after this process, the individual in contact (henceforth referred to as SCP-XXXX-A) falls unconscious. SCP-XXXX itself is locked into its active state for the duration of SCP-XXXX-A's unconscious state, though termination of SCP-XXXX-A will result in reversion of the shift. Studies of individuals in this state indicate an induced coma.

When SCP-XXXX-A wakes from its coma, it appears to have no recollection of SCP-XXXX. Though not always apparent immediately, all observed SCP-XXXX-A instances claim to come from a different universe from ours, one that may differ minutely, or one that may be drastically different (Interview log XXXX-1). No research has been conclusive as to SCP-XXXX’s origins, or the purpose it was created for. The described worlds from accounts of SCP-XXXX-As seem to fit a number of multiverse theories, including Tegmark’s Level 3 theory and Greene’s brane multiverse.

SCP-XXXX also has a minor compulsory influence on sapient beings that see it. Though almost unnoticeable, prolonged exposure to the sight/ unblocked presence of SCP-XXXX seems to build up influence in observers. Eventually, influenced individuals will attempt to touch or take SCP-XXXX. This effect is especially noticeable in individuals recently affected by other memetic or psionic influences. Sand or other opaque particles have been proven to dampen this effect, though prolonged containment without such dampening material has been shown to increase SCP-XXXX's compulsory effect dramatically.

Addendum: There have been numerous cases of SCP-XXXX ‘changes’ throughout recent decades. Though it must be noted that not all identified incidents may be a result of SCP-XXXX, it is important to consider the possibility of SCP-XXXX having a longer existence in our world than currently estimated. It is also possible that there are multiple existences of SCP-XXXX, and that their origins may not be from this universe at all.
The alloy making up SCP-XXXX has been identified to be of both known metal and unknown substances, including iron, bronze, and a highly durable ferromagnetic metal yet to be discovered by humanity. Attempts to scratch its seemingly rusted surface have failed repeatedly.

Incident Log XXXX-01

Incident Report: XXXX-01
SCP Involved: SCP-XXXX
Location: Georgia, USA; coordinates ██/██/██
Preamble: Two months prior to the event (February ██, ████), reports of multiple instances of unspecified delusional disorders and amnesia, as well as theories about universes that were previously concealed by the Foundation, began coming in from ████, Georgia, USA. The nearest I.A. department dispatched a team to investigate and capture the anomaly. However, the encounter with SCP-XXXX resulted in an unaccounted personnel casualty.

11:13 AM: Agent Rook, Abe, and Lee enter the home of ███ ██████, a victim of SCP-XXXX. ███ ██████ was found dead in her home three days prior, with a note describing a different universe in which she was not a ‘dirt-poor high-school dropout’, but rather an influential archaeologist studying anomalous artifacts in history.

11:19 AM: Agent Lee discovers a locked and battered trunk, which was found under the victim’s pillow. The pen used to write the note was located there as well. Agent Lee calls for Agent Rook to come see it. Agent Abe is in the basement, investigating for further clues.

11:22 AM: Hastily written documents on scripts describing a 'traveler's key' and an altar to the Indo-European god Janus is uncovered by Agent Abe, as well as part of a translation of the Byblos Syllabary.

11:27 AM: Agent Lee attempts to open the sealed box. While cutting the padlock, Lee accidentally drops the box. SCP-XXXX falls out. A new recruit, Lee attempts to pick it up bare-handed. Agent Rook, in an attempt to dissuade him, knocks the key out of his way. Accidental skin contact is made between Agent Rook and SCP-XXXX.

11:29 AM: Upon hearing Lee’s shout of alarm, Agent Abe enters the room. Rook is on the floor, unconscious, with SCP-XXXX lying two feet away from him. Abe contacts I.A. immediately. Using the standard containment box and careful not to let SCP-XXXX touch her skin, she locks it inside.

12:01 PM: Backup arrives at the location. Lee is reprimanded, while Rook is transported to the medical center at Site-██.

This is a real mess. Whoever thought it would be okay to send an untrained agent- no matter how experienced their team members are- on a mission to retrieve a possibly Euclid-class SCP should be demoted. –Dr. Rook

Interview Log XXXX-1

Interviewed: D-████-██

Interviewer: Dr. Rook

Foreword: First instance of [DATA EXPUNGED]. Extreme deviation in personality due to SCP-XXXX. Prior to the test, D-████-██ was reported to be an extremely violent, volatile person. At approximately 11:20 D-████-██ was told to touch SCP-XXXX with his bare hands. Roughly forty minutes later, D-████-██ woke up and was immediately questioned.

<Begin Log, [12:00]>

Dr. Rook: Hello, Matthew. You're here because there was a security issue. Top secret stuff, I'm afraid. Are you alright? What do you remember?


Dr. Rook: Let's go back a little. Is your name Matthew Lewis?

D-████-██: (Indecipherable words, presumably in an unknown language ensue)?

Dr. Rook: Excuse me?


Dr. Rook: Mr. Lewis. Matthew. Please, we only want to help y-
D-████-██:: Where am I?

Dr. Rook: (pause) You are currently in a secure, non-threatening location. Again, are you Matthew Lewis?

D-████-██: (Another three, short-cut phrases in an unknown dialect).

Dr. Rook: Do you not know who you are, D-████-██!

D-████-██: Subject TCoS-9007. Sentenced to termination in -0.2 hours.
D-████-██: Why am I alive?

Dr. Rook: Matthew? Are you alright?

D-████-██: Where am I? Where am I? Where am-

Dr. Rook: Security! Security, extract the subject immediately. He seems to be going into a- (indecipherable sound.)

<End Log, [12:08]>

Closing Statement: Subject D-████-██ unresponsive after 12:08. Terminated.

D-████-██ seems to have entered some kind of self-induced trance. He won't respond to any external stimulus, including our attempts to [DATA EXPUNGED]. It seems as if he is completely devoid of any sentience… or sense. -Dr. Rook


Agent Rook, formerly of the Intelligence Agency, is currently undergoing examination due to his contact with SCP-XXXX. Though it doesn't seem as if he's been affected in a large way, the investigation is still pending. –Dr. ███████.

Personally, I think this SCP should be reclassified as a Euclid; we know far too little about it for my taste. Also, the geometric shapes of the activated SCP's teeth seem to appear physically impossible at times. We currently have a theory on how these shapes indicate some kind of relation with the reality the key is trying to connect to… –Dr. Rook