Land of Hands

SCP#: ()
Object Class: Euclid/Apollyon

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-() must be kept in the cave of discovery in [REDACTED] All holes in the cave must be patched immediately with metal, or plastic if absolutely necessary. There shall be an airlock with a pass-code a minimum of seven (7) characters long.

Description: SCP-() is a pocket dimension discovered in a cave in [REDACTED] Its entrance is portal-like with a 2.7m diameter. The dimension has geographies similar to ours, with a planet on tenth the size of earth, and has similar flora, continents, and so on. However, all organisms entering SCP-() will turn into instances of SCP-()-A or SCP-()-B, and transformation is as follows:

Transformation into an instance of SCP-()-A consists of a sudden loss of mass around, but not affecting, the hand, which will fall off and turn into SCP-()-A. The rest of the subject will disappear.

Transformation into an instance of SCP-()-B consists of a sudden growth of human hands on random spots on the body, but most often the neck, nipples, and [REDACTED]

The dimension seems to have a fairly low technology level, equal to that of about 15th century earth. There does appear to be some level of government, with SCP-()-A instances looking up to instances of SCP-()-B.

SCP-()-A is a sentient human hand. It moves around by using all fingers as legs. It is slightly bigger than a real human hand and has a mouth on its palm. Average IQ for these creatures is anywhere from 72 to 89. It is aggressive towards beings not connected to SCP-()

SCP-()-B instances vary. They resemble their previous form, with hands on random spots of their body. They have slightly increased IQ and leadership skills from its base species, as well as less aggressive tenancies. They aren't fond of non SCP-() organisms, but they do not attack often.

A subject may be able to resist transformation with a very strong immune system and a strong image of their human form in their head. Once transformation is resisted, they are safe from all SCP-() effects.