Land of Hands (Laughing Coffin)

Item #: ()
Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-() must be kept on the finger of the skeleton of [REDACTED] at all times. These expiriments can be conducted with seven (7) days notice. There should be an airlock with a pass-code a minimum of seven (7) characters long preventing access to SCP-() as well as a laser grid on the inside, and outside of the airlock. Any personel caught tampering with SCP-() are to be subjected to a three (3) hour physical and mental examination for possible traces of SCP-()-A or -B, and put on probation. If traces appear, the subject is to be terminated within one (1) hour of examination through [REDACTED]

Should SCP-()-A and SCP-()-B escape, immediate lockdown procedures of the entire site are mandatory, and a mobile task force is to kill any instance of SCP-()-A or SCP-()-B outside of SCP-() on sight. This task force shall be kept under a three (3) hour physical and mental examination for possible traces of SCP-()-A or -B. Such cases will be terminated within one (1) hour through [REDACTED]. (See Incident ()-5 below)

Description: SCP-() is a pocket dimension discovered in a doctor's office in [REDACTED], CO. Its entrance is a ring that when is on a finger, is in the form of two interlocking hands. Testing has shown that they are made out of 2 real hands. When not being worn, one my speak the phrase, [REDACTED] to allow the hands to separate, and open a gateway to the pocket dimension. This portal glows a light shade of purple and is 2.7 meters in height.

SCP-()-A is a sentient human hand. It moves around by using all fingers as legs. It is slightly bigger than a real human hand and has a mouth on its palm. Average IQ for these creatures is anywhere from 72 to 89. It is aggressive towards beings not connected to SCP-()

SCP-()-B instances vary. They resemble their previous form, with hands on random spots of their body. They have slightly increased IQ and leadership skills from its base species, as well as less aggressive tenancies. They aren't fond of non SCP-() organisms, but they do not attack often.

The pocket dimension has geographies similar to ours, with a planet approximately tenth the size of earth, and has similar flora, continents, and so on. Contact has not been established with the local organisms as of yet. However, all organisms entering SCP-() will turn into instances of SCP-()-A or SCP-()-B, and transformation is as follows:

Transformation into an instance of SCP-()-A consists of a sudden loss of mass around, but not affecting, the hand, which will fall off and turn into SCP-()-A. The rest of the subject will disappear.

Transformation into an instance of SCP-()-B consists of a sudden growth of human hands on random spots on the body, but most often the neck, nipples, and [REDACTED]

The dimension seems to have a fairly low technology level, equal to that of about 15th century earth. There does appear to be some level of government, with SCP-()-A instances looking up to instances of SCP-()-B.

A subject may be able to resist transformation with a very strong immune system and a strong image of their human form in their head. Once transformation is resisted, they are safe from all SCP-() effects. This effect has been used to the Foundations advantage to further investigate SCP-(). All organisms affected by this are hereby referred to as SCP-()-C, even though they do not truly exhibit anomalous properties. Any instances of SCP-()-C are treated like normal organisms to SCP-()-A and -B. If one is believed to be an instance of SCP-()-C, they are to be detained and used as explorers for SCP-() detained for immediate examination of genetic structure, to research a new immune booster for SCP-()1