Laura vanderboom

Item #: SCP-3395

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Any informed personnel of the present incident of SCP-3395 must immediately contact Mobile Task Force officials to direct protocol-3395D. protocol-3395D consits of personnel visiting the location of SCP-3395 and investigate the area for SCP-3395-1. The area must be evacuated for 24 in order to permit personnel to search the area. After SCP-3395-1's [DATA EXPUNGED] body is removed it must be transported to medical facilities for an autopsy.

Description: SCP-3395 is an extremely rare occurrence manifesting around any regular straight staircase, Mostly recorded in routine bystander homes. SCP-3395 occurs at any time predominantly during noon to midnight. Recorded instances depict SCP-3395 creates a black smoke suspended around the present staircase. light's or other electornial apparatus will turn of once the smoke has appeared. The smoke is unknown how it's created and where its source is located.. All instances of SCP-3395 occur while the bystander is alone and is currently at the top of the stairs. Up to this point we'll refer the victim to SCP-3395-1. it's known that SCP-3395-1 has a rate of survival of 3%. SCP-3395-1 are incapable of moving however can still direct their speach and have reported observing a mangled figure manifesting at the bottom of the stairs. Currently known as SCP-3395-2 these figures have a distorted, mangled body. preferably the same size of a average male. Their limbs alarmingly misplaced and their heads twisted. Known to crawl in order to transport themselves.

After 1 minute of SCP-3395-1 observing SCP-3395-2 the creature will slowly begin to shift up the stairs. Victims are recorded to feel extreme paranoia and some have had acute myocardial infarction. Once SCP-3395-2 has manifested towards the victim they will [REDACTED] and wipe out SCP-3395-1. SCP-3395-2 is believed to somehow disappear from the incident and will appear at another SCP-3395 location. Attempts to locate and contain SCP-3395-2 have be unsuccessful. Usually resolving in personnel finding nothing and no traces of SCP-3395-2 apart from the remains of SCP-3395-1. The black smoke is thought to disappear in a parallel manner. It could be taken in consideration that the smoke unlikely is apart of SCP-3395-2.