Welcome to my Sandbox! I apologize for the mess, my sandbox will probably always be kind of all over the place.

I try to keep myself to 3 tabviews per sandbox, which means I'll probably end up having 3 or 4 of these fuckin' things as I keep coming up with ideas. I think approximately thirty times faster than I can work but I promise that when things are published they will be removed, which will hopefully cut my sandbox number down.

My three most prominent ideas are:
Narrative Seizure Canon: A world where nothing makes sense and life, the universe, and everything are treated as mere playthings. Involving both the SoPsy Division, Causation of Creation Crew, and various other ideas of mine. The story of two reality benders trying to sabotage each other's stories, for recognition from the world.

The Parapsychology Division: A division of researchers that studies anomalous paranormal and psychic phenomena.

Causation of Creation: A group of anartists loosely based on AWCY? and the Cool War.

As a sidenote, the Parapsychology Division and Causation of Creation crew may not have their own hubs after all. They'll just be lumped into Narrative Seizure.

You can find the above three ideas on my second sandbox.

If you would like to see my completed works, or any unsorted works I'm developing, you can find them and the Hall of Honor by scrolling down.

If you would like to see my old, kinda bad SCPs that I'm likely not going to revisit, and scavenge through my junkyard, please click here.

This specific tab has a lot of very vague brainstorming ideas.
Actual ideas are contained in separate tabs on this tabview, or in the junkyards here.

I decided I'd make a tab for all of my completed works that have ended up on the main site, because I'm really proud of them.

I will list all of my completed works that are on the main site below.

Feb. 19, 2018 TensionAn AWCY? tale inspired by The Cool War.