This is just a tab for me to write down character descriptions and tale ideas and stuff for my new anartist characters.

This tale will be about the story of a Researcher who is fully confident in everything they do. They exhibit some form of God complex, and believe themselves to have a "6th Level" of Clearance, even above the O5's, that allows them to see anything they want to in the Foundation. Additionally, they exhibit incredible confidence in the fear of opposition, even up to the point of certain death.

The tale itself may detail them accessing logs that they do not have permission to view, causing a major containment breach under the guise that they have permission to do so, and attempting to use a very dangerous SCP for "benefit," asserting that as they have the highest clearance in the Foundation they may as well be it's leader and they are now changing the role of the Foundation to use anomalies for good and dissuade normalcy.