The curtains rise on a lonely stage.

A girl sits idly in a chair, next to a fireplace.
Her bleary eyes stare unseeing into a mug of hot cocoa, quietly sipping.
You never should have woken her up. She was sleeping peacefully, and you took that from her.
Now we're all paying the price.

In a world that doesn't make sense, where the idea of consistency no longer exists, what purpose is there to life? The answer to such a complicated question is quite simple, in her eyes.

"Simply, to tell a story."

The girl sits up straight as another figure strolls into the room.
Their wry smile shines bright against the dim light of the fire.

"But what story will you tell?"

They ask, draping themselves over the girl.

"We'll tell a story of humble beginnings. Or as much of a beginning as we can find. We'll tell a story of meaning, and purpose. A story of the misery of creation, and a desire for recognition."

As she speaks, the room around her changes, the walls effortlessly molding to suit the whimsy of her mind, like Play-Doh in a child's hands.

"We'll go on a journey together, on a roller-coaster of spiraling madness, leveling out into existential dread and the understanding that the universe is cruel and life means nothing. We'll journey until we understand that none of that matters, and the best we can do is be remembered."

The other frowns.

"But, we don't have to accept the truth. Frankly, I don't like your pessimistic attitude! Why don't we tell a story about me instead?"

And so the story begins.


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"Why do you create art?"

It's a question that no one thinks about, but is necessary to know the answer to.

You can't create art for no reason. Everything has a purpose behind it.
Or does it?

Everyone wants to carry a message in their art, to get the viewer to experience something specific.
Or do they?

"I create art because it's fun, and its a nice byproduct that other people can enjoy it."
How can you know if people enjoy your art?

One creates art to resonate with another. One creates art to serve an arbitrary purpose they see fit.
How can you know if your purpose has gotten across to your viewer?

Unless you take the time out of your day to tell me, I will never know for sure. But I can always be proud of having made something good enough that you were content to read it up to this point.
So tell me. Why do you create art?

Needs to be fully rewritten at some point.

Dear Reader,
A warm welcome to you, newbie! If you're reading this, that means you've been selected for employment in the SCP Foundation's Neuroscience Division! Or that you're a spy, but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt.

My name is Dr. Lysandra Souljourn, and mine is Dr. Ephret Souljourn. You're probably wondering, "What do we here in the Neuroscience Division?"

The answer to that question is; a lot of things, all relating to the way the brain and mind work! Our primary goal of course, is to figure out how to neutralize or shield brains from the effects of mind-altering entities, infohazards, and other such anomalous objects in order to make containment easier.

Telekill helps with most mind-altering anomalies, but it has little effect on things which physically alter your brain chemistry and neurology. The Neuroscience Division hopes to cure that little caveat. In addition to all this, we also have many other side projects, since the brain is a very broad subject to study.

These projects include, but are not limited to:
- Research into altering the human brain to better humanity.
- Understanding what consciousness and sentience IS, how to define and recognize it, and [DATA REDACTED]
- Removing evolutionary bugs implanted into our brains by nature.

We hope you enjoy your work at the Neuroscience Division and that you, along with our help, can further the evolution of humanity and create a better future for mankind and his mind!

Wishing you well,
Dr's. Lysandra and Ephret Souljourn
Heads of Neuroscience Division


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