Dr. Laverne's Research
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Item #: SCP-████

Object Class: Keter Safe Thaumiel



Special Containment Procedures: SCP-████ sits in a small cottage located in █████, █████.
Due to SCP-████'s anomalous properties, SCP-████ is not to be contained, however, on the second of every month, a team of researches are sent down to ████, █████ and enter the cottage, without removing SCP-████ from the cottage, the team copy the newest information from SCP-████ into a copy of SCP-████-#, returning to Cite-██, Personnel's personal copies of SCP-████-# are updated to contain the new information provided by SCP-████.

A copy of SCP-████ (SCP-████-#) has been given to all Clearance Level 2 or Higher Personnel located at Cite-██, SCP-████-# should be kept on Cite at all times and SCP-████-# or SCP-████ itself should never been able to fall into the hands of the public. It is recommended copies of SCP-████-# should be kept in the Cite-██'s Storage room, Personnel offices, or any other area that is located at Cite-██, that only the owner of SCP-████-# can get to.

SCP-████-B should be kept in the Cite-██ manager's office, looked away in a room connected to the office, and any requests to write in SCP-████-B should be brought up with the Cite-██ manager, Keep in mind, Personnel with Clearance Levels 2-4, require permission from the Cite-██ manager, if the Cite-██ manager deems the request unnecessary, it will be denied, however Clearance Level 5 Personnel are allowed to write in SCP-████-B when desired but must follow the rules regarding Contacting SCP-████-A, in order to avoid punishment.

Description: SCP-████ is a brown, handmade book closed with a small piece of brown rope wrapped around it, which contains 880 pages of aged paper. SCP-████ is labeled "A Brief History of the Planet Earth in it's prime." on the front side of the book. SCP-████'s back side is engraved with a small drawing of a raven. SCP-████ is written as if it were a Informational History Book, using the first 2 pages as a table of Context.

Page Chapter
3-15 2012
16-135 2012-2022
136-255 2022-2032
256-375 2032-2042
376-492 The Day they Fell
493-███ Arrival
███-███ The Sun
███-███ The End of the Word
███-880 The Sun destroys us all

A Majority of SCP-████'s pages are blank, only 112 pages out of the 880 have been filled out. SCP-████ seems to have the abilities to see into the future. SCP-████ is a book written by a person who currently lives 1 month in the future, known as SCP-████-A, they seem to be aware that their book is capable of traveling back in time (at least by a month), while it seems SCP-████-A cannot travel back in time. SCP-████-A has time travelling abilities, but they are fairly restrictive.

SCP-████-A is able to jump to any point in the future, and becomes invisible and is untouchable (like a ghost.) SCP-████-A claims to have, what they call, a "rewind point", SCP-████-A has 24 to teleport back to where they were before jumping forward in time, If SCP-████-A stays in the time they jumped to for 24 hours, they will become physical and visible, as well as their "rewind point" being set to the new time. The next time they jump forward in time, when they travel back, they will travel to the new "rewind point" instead of the original.

SCP-████-A claims to have jumped forward 1 month into the future, as at the moment, they were "stuck between a rock and a hard place." SCP-████-A stayed one month in the future for the next 2 weeks, before attempted to travel back, they were unable to travel back, and became stuck in the future.

SCP-████-A claims that although they can travel forward in time, they cannot travel objects into the future on their own, it seems objects that traveled into the future with SCP-████-A still manage to exist in our current time and will still change and be affected by things done to them in the future, however, these changes to objects do not take 1 month in order to happen, they happen as SCP-████-A does them. This causes SCP-████-A see the future, write it, and the book will contain what will happen in 1 month from that point.

SCP-████-A was offered a position at the Foundation, although reluctant, SCP-████-A accepted a job.

SCP-████-A has been using it's anomalous properties in order to help Foundation Personnel, informing Personnel when a containment breach would occur, allowing the Foundation to make preparations in order to prepare for the breach.

Contact with SCP-████-A was made possible due to a incident involving writing in SCP-████.

SCP-████-B was created by SCP-████-A in order to avoid Foundation Personnel writing in SCP-████ and messing up the book. See Incident-A

This book, SCP-████-B would later be used to communicate between SCP-████-A and Foundation Personnel as a way to ask question or to find out the future of a specific something or somewhere.

All Conversations bewteen SCP-███-A and Foundation Personnel must remain completely private, similar to the same reason SCP-████-# cannot be exposed to the public, possible altering the future against the Foundation or SCP-████-A's desires.