Layton How

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the unexplainable properties that SCP-XXXX exhibits, it is difficult to contain SCP-XXXX, but once standard procedures are followed, it is understood that it is most likely contained. The entity seems to attach itself to random subjects, for no known reason, and stalk them silently, typically from the corners of rooms.

The containment procedure begins when an individual from D-CLASS begins to exhibit common symptoms of SCP-XXXX such as extreme paranoia, leading to them being placed in a moderate room of comfort, similar to their cells, and are asked on an hourly basis to confirm SCP-XXXX’s presence. The D-CLASS personnel are also subjected to polygraph testing to ensure the validity of their answers to further verify the presence of SCP-XXXX, and are to be left in the room, given adequate sustenance and informed that they may not begin to acknowledge SCP-XXXX or attempt to describe any properties it may display. To insure mental stability, regular requests can be fulfilled in order to entertain the subject.

It must be noted that the subject becomes increasingly more paranoid, inevitably leading to insanity and sometimes suicide meaning that usually each month, another D-CLASS must be expended. The way to transfer SCP-XXXX to someone else is unclear, although it is hypothesised that prolonged exposure to the entity encourages it to switch victim, therefore amnestic must be enforced on all personnel who regularly deal with SCP-XXXX to prevent jeopardising the life of staff.
When the D-CLASS begins to exhibit suicidal tendencies, another D-CLASS must be sent in to the room in order to transfer the SCP onto themselves and continue the containment.

Description: SCP-XXXX is impossible to be observed as all possible methods to reveal physical properties, ranging from thermal imaging cameras to motion sensors, reveal absolutely nothing. Only those who have “conversed” with SCP-XXXX are able to supposedly perceive its properties, although this is unconfirmed due to the immediate termination of any subject who have begun to describe SCP-XXXX.

Termination is always in the form of suicide, as the effected subject immediately seeks to kill themselves while simultaneously disregarding their concern for pain. The subject also seems to retain consciousness and is not possessed, demonstrating that the subject is committing suicide out of free will. Research into this is ongoing.

The phenomenon was initially discovered in ████ in St. ████████ hospital located in ██████ as many patients began killing themselves after attempting to explain an experience they had, although it is believed SCP-XXXX has existed for an extremely long time as similar cases have dated back to ████.

Due to the nature of SCP-XXXX, the only information gained has been obtained through short interviews and observations of various D-CLASS and on-site personnel interacting with the entity which are listed below. There is also a live feed of the room in which the subject shares with SCP-XXXX for further safety.

Interview XXXX-A: D-930

Interview 4905-B: D-342

Interview 4905-C: Dr. A. Clark

Live Feed: