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Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX is contained inside humanoid containment cell 20-B in Research Sector 12. Personnel caught using SCP-XXX for personal gain will be denied for future testing. Personnel must have level 2 clearance to use SCP-XXX for research purposes.

Description: SCP-XXX is a wooden mannequin that will grant any human their true "desire", whether they know their "desire" or not. This "desire" has shown to consist of any possible thought that comes to existence. How the entity can produce this "desire" is unknown and will require more testing. The mannequin is equipped with a Fender Stratocaster guitar. However, when strummed, the guitar produces no sound. Tests on the guitar have shown unsuccessful since there seems to be a force between SCP-XXX and the guitar, eliminating the chances of removing said guitar.

The mannequin has also been shown to sing and preform any song for the human while their desire is being manifested, even though the mannequin has no mouth or face. This song can range from any genre as an exact copy of the original song. The sound waves play throughout the mannequins entire body but when the body was opened, it was nothing but an empty shell. It also seems that the song is dependent on what the person's desire is. Whenever the song begins to play, the subjects seem captivated by the song. More testing on SCP-XXX itself will be needed to explain these phenomenons. Experiment results with Class D personnel are below.

Experiment-01-A: D-221
Interaction with SCP-XXX: Engrossed.
Desire: Homicide.
Subject Reaction: Ecstatic.
Song: A Murder Of One - Counting Crows.
Summary: The [DATA EXPUNGED] appeared inside SCP-XXX's cell with D-221. Eventually, D-221 pulled out a 0.1524 meter long knife from his pocket and stabbed the [REDACTED] repetitively in the frontal lobe. Once personnel opened the cell door, D-221 stabbed himself twice in the chest, effectively killing himself. The reasoning of the appearance of that specific [REDACTED] is [DATA EXPUNGED].

Experiment-02-B: D-234
Interaction: Marginally apprehensive.
Desire: Family.
Subject Reaction: Hysteria.
Song: Family Reunion - Blink-182.
Summary: SCP-XXX had given the memory of D-234's family back to him. It also provided him with a picture of the family before he and his wife (D-554) became subjects of The Foundation. This occurrence made D-234 fall onto the ground and scream random jargon out of hysteria. When personnel attempted to seize the subject, he would attempt to escape them. D-234 was memory-wiped and returned as a D Class subject.

Experiment-03-C: D-312
Interaction: Mild confusion.
Desire: Friendly Interaction.
Subject Reaction: Enjoyment.
Song: You've Got A Friend In Me by Randy Newman.
Summary: Nothing had happened inside SCP-XXX's cell, but instead inside D-312's cell. A humanoid figure supposedly named "Fred" was inside waiting for D-312. This figure only will respond to D-312, acting as if they have been acquaintances for an extended period of time. The figure does not have any type of bone structure, as evidenced by X-Ray scans. When cut into, the figure has no organs or circulatory system either. The figure will be placed in humanoid containment cell 40-C for future testing. D-312 has received a memory-wipe to remove the figure so he can function as a normal D Class subject.

Experiment-04-D: D-597
Interaction: Exceptionally tolerating.
Desire: Death.
Subject Reaction: N/A.
Song: Valley of Death - Rick Ross.
Summary: D-597 imploded inside SCP-XXX's cell. The only reasoning behind the death of D-597 is the message left scratched onto SCP-XXX's cell floor. How the message had appeared is unknown. The message reads "Thank you for selecting me for this experiment. I have been [DATA EXPUNGED]. It feels good knowing that The Foundation will have to clean this cell for days. They deserve this."

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