SCP-XXXX upon initial recovery in the [REDACTED] Mountains. It was obtained after being hit by an avalanche whilst being tracked.

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be kept in a 5m x 5m x 3m room made of 0.25m thick walls of insulation, a cooling system and 0.5m thick reinforced steel. The cell must be kept at a temperature below 0 degrees celsius at all times. In order to maintain this temperature, the cell should be surrounded by a cooling system of steel pipes that are filled with liquid nitrogen, arranged in a way that allows even cooling throughout the cell. Heating coils should also be placed around the cell, however, these are to remain completely inactive unless SCP-XXXX exhibits aggressive or dangerous behaviour.

There should be no active electronic devices in or near SCP-XXXX's cell. Any electronics within SCP-XXXX's cell may be only activated upon distinct order of a Major Scientist, Facility Manager, Containment Engineer or an O5 Electronic doors should also not be used. Instead, the door is to be made of thick steel, sealed to prevent temperature escaping and locked using a key. [Following the Incident XXXX-1, this door must be kept at the end of a 20m long hallway with a keycard operated door at the end. This hallway must also be kept at a low temperature, lights are also to be disabled in this hallway, unless manually activated.] SCP-XXXX’s cell is to be isolated from the rest of the facility, and unless testing, all personnel must be at least 20 meters away from the cell. There is to be an identical cell in a different area of the facility at all times. SCP-XXXX should be transferred between cells weekly to allow scientists to test if the cell is up to standard or under extreme circumstances, such as the activation of heating coils. Whilst being transferred, SCP-XXXX is to be contained in a cylinder made of reinforced glass, 3 meters tall with a radius of 0.75m, which is to be filled with water and frozen with SCP-XXXX inside.

Description: SCP-XXXX appears to be the corpse of a malnourished humanoid, displaying almost no muscle mass or fat. The subjects skin is a rotted brown colour, with patches of skin appear to be missing, revealing it's flesh and bones underneath, which have also become brown and rotted in colour. SCP-XXXX also seems to be missing external organs, such as the ears, nose, eyes and genitalia, however, based on physical examination of the subject, it appears to have once had these organs. The subject has been confirmed to be unable to see, however, it is still capable of hearing, as it has been seen to use echolocation to find it’s way around and is capable of responding to sounds and speech. It’s lips are also missing, leaving it’s teeth constantly exposed, and hindering speech. SCP-XXXX is capable of speech, however, it’s intelligence is far below the human norm, meaning it can only make simple statements and consistently slurs speech. SCP-XXXX appears to be covered in a thin layer of frost, however, the subject does not seem to be bothered by this. Scientists have noticed a similarity between the physical attributes of SCP-XXXX and the symptoms of extreme hypothermia.

SCP-XXXX’s anomalous attributes include it’s abnormal body temperature, which is approximately 50 degrees celsius below freezing point. This means it can freeze an organism simply by touch alone. SCP-XXXX appears to be very sensitive to heat, displaying pain from even human body heat, electric devices and light. It appears to be uncomfortable with anything above 0 degrees celsius, and will attempt to flee or cool down any source of heat. It appears to be able of feeling the effects of and locating heat sources from over 20 meters away, leading scientists to believe it is capable of “seeing” heat signatures, despite it’s blindness. SCP-XXXX will attempt to cool down any object or entity with a temperature of 0 degrees Celsius or higher within a distance of it that causes it discomfort, destroying any obstacles in it's path to achieve this goal. Should it fail to cool the object for any reason, it will attempt to flee it, regardless of damage done to itself or its surroundings. It is not yet known how low SCP-XXXX can lower it’s temperature, but it has been recorded to reach temperatures lower than -100 degrees celsius.

Addendum A-1: Dr. ████, the Major Scientist in charge of monitoring SCP-XXXX, attempts to interview SCP-XXXX from a remote location, using night vision cameras, speakers and microphones.
Interviewer: Dr. ████
Interviewee: SCP-XXXX

[Devices are activated, causing distress in SCP-XXXX.]

Dr. ████: SCP-XXXX, you are being interviewed. Please answer the following questions, and we will return the temperature to normal.

[SCP-XXXX shows no signs of acknowledgement.]

Dr. ████: What is your name?

[SCP-XXXX continues to ignore questions, continuing panic.]

Dr. ████: I wish to inform you that if you do not comply with us, we will be forced to activate the heating coils in your chamber. Is this understood, SCP-XXXX?

[SCP-XXXX ceases panic, sitting in the corner of the room.]
Dr. ████: Please answer the question. Who are you?

SCP-XXXX: …Forget.

Dr. ████: Do you know where you came from?

SCP-XXXX: Somewhere hot… Before it burned…

Dr. ████: That doesn't match our files. When we found you, you were residing in the [DATA REDACTED] Mountains. You were surviving completely naked in temperatures below -15 degrees celsius.

SCP-XXXX: No… Before then… Back when…

[At this point SCP-XXXX begins to begin screaming and crying, smashing it's hands against the walls. Temperatures in the cell begin dropping rapidly as armed forces are sent to relocate SCP-XXXX. Dr. ████ has theorised that SCP-XXXX suffers from amnesia, another symptom of hypothermia, and was once human.]

Incident XXXX-1:

SCP-XXXX breaches containment, killing █ personnel, including multiple armed guards, resulting in a large-scale evacuation. A tactical response unit was quickly called and, after some losses, were able to recontain SCP-XXXX.

Addendum A-2: Following the events of Incident XXXX-1, Dr. ████ was called to explain the causes for SCP-XXXX's breach.

<Begin Log>
Interviewer: Dr. ████, how is it that SCP-XXXX escaped while you claim that it's containment was designed to counteract any possible threat?

Dr. ████: Are you accusing me of releasing it?

Interviewer: Of course not, simply asking how an incredibly lethal creature, which the Foundation has spent countless dollars on containing, managed to escape it's containment.

Dr. ████: Look, it's not my fault, nor anyone else's. The containment was theoretically perfect. We simply made one oversight.

Interviewer: An oversight that cost many their lives.

Dr. ████: Look, what happened was so specific, so minimal, that no-one could notice or detect it until it was too late.

Interviewer: Well, what was it?

Dr. ████: The door. What happened was while we were designing SCP-XXXX's cell, we tried to put every aspect of it into account. We considered it's natural habitat, lowering the temperature of the cell to a level that would keep it docile, while increasing the thickness and strength of the material used to construct it in order to retain cool temperatures and reduce shrinking from the cold and damages from the entity. We considered it's sensitivity to heat, including electronic devices, placing electronics in there that required an electric current be manually sent into it. We even considered the door, making it require a key, ensuring no electric current went through it and testing that it was airtight. However, we ran into a problem. We couldn't make a steel door that was a meter thick. No human could open that. So we reduced it's thickness. However, during one of SCP-XXXX's tantrums, it lowered the temperature of the room to a level where the door would shrink. This went undetected for weeks, until it posed a problem.

Interviewer: What kind of problem?

Dr. ████: The shrinkage of the door let a tiny bit of warm air and a stream of light into the cell. And that's all it took to set it off. It panicked, attempting to escape, while we remained blissfully unaware.

Interviewer: Why didn't you immediately call to stop it?

Dr. ████: As I said, we were unaware. We only activate the cameras and microphones once per day. We only knew when it was too late.

Interviewer: Thank you for your time, doctor.

<End Log>

Addendum A-3: Following the events of Incident XXXX-1, Dr. ████ interviewed Commander █████, leader of the tactical response unit sent to recontain SCP-XXXX.

<Begin Log>

Commander █████: So you're the one who was supposed to keep that thing contained.

Dr. ████: I was and still am. What happened was simply an oversight.

Commander █████: That oversight killed 6 of my men!

[Commander █████ slams his hands on the desk, standing up.]

Dr. ████: Commander, please. Containment of SCPs which are newly introduced to the facility is always a difficulty. Plus, I've already been guilt tripped enough today. I'm aware it killed people. But me and my team are not responsible for those deaths. We are doing everything we can to prevent a future event like this one. Now can we please discuss the topic at hand?

[Commander █████ sits back down.]

Dr. ████: Thank you. Now, what was it that the SCP did that you wanted me to know about?

Commander █████: That thing is a greater danger than you realise, Doctor. In my opinion, it should be terminated as soon as possible.

Dr. ████: Please explain.

Commander █████: Well when we got in there, we soon found it had caused more problems than we had prepared for. Every room it stepped in was freezing cold, the lights were destroyed, shattered from the extreme cold. Bloody thing is crafty too. It froze the doors shut, meaning we couldn't get in or out. So already, we needed more equipment than we had. So after we managed to get thermal padding under our armour, night vision goggles and blowtorches, we came across another problem. It could sense us, it knew when we were near, and if we were alone. It could trace us perfectly using only our heat, and used this information to evade us and pick us off, one by one.

Dr. ████: This isn't right. SCP-XXXX has never displayed high levels of intelligence, especially to this level. How could it know how to operate the doors or know it's way around the facility… Oh my god.

Commander █████: What?

Dr. ████: It learnt. Every week we transfer it from chamber from chamber, freezing it in the process. The two chambers are located in isolated parts of the facility, a fair distance apart. We thought it would be in some sort of stasis. But it must of still been awake in the ice, watching us.

Commander █████: How could something with no eyes watch you?

Dr. ████: It must of felt our heats. Saw the electricity in the walls, and realised that's what opened the door. This thing isn't stupid. It's learning. How did you manage to capture it?

Commander █████: Once we knew it was picking us off, we pursued it as a group, tracking it down to your observation area.

Dr. ████: Wait, it found our observation area? That is completely isolated from both it's chambers. It shouldn't know where it is.

Commander █████: Well it did, and when we found it, the place was destroyed, files all over the floor and the thing was just sitting in the middle of the floor, crying.

Dr. ████: What did you do?

Commander █████: Well after we found it, me and my men filled it with bullets.

Dr. ████: Any signs of damage from the attack?

Commander █████: Despite the fact that it was filled with bullet holes, it couldn't give any less of a shit. It simply looked up at us and talked.

Dr. ████: What did it say?

Commander █████: It just asked us a question. "Where is the doctor?" I think it meant you.

Dr. ████: How did you recontain it?

Commander █████: We used the blow torches to threaten it. I had men stand at every possible escape route with one at the ready. If it tried to pull off any crap, we'd fry it.

Dr. ████: Weren't you worried that it would become hostile?

Commander █████: We told it that if it tried to fight back, we would not hesitate to burn the thing alive.

Dr. ████: So it's back in it's cell?

Commander █████: Yep. You should probably get to fixing those cells. Don't want another mishap.

Dr. ████: No, we don't. Now, if you excuse me, I have to get back to work.

<End Log>

Afterword: Dr. ████ later sent a message to other personnel stating "Let it be known that, whilst taking into account Commander █████'s opinion on the matter, we will not be terminating SCP-XXXX. We believe it can be contained with further updates to it's containment chamber. I also believe that there is a lot more we can study, and we may possibly be able to properly communicate with it."

Addendum A-4: Following the interview with Commander █████, Dr. ████ began to show a heightened interest in SCP-XXXX. After making changes to it's cell, Dr. ████ requested permission to experiment with SCP-XXXX. This request was declined multiple times, due to the danger of SCP-XXXX, but after multiple requests, and steps to neutralise the potential danger of SCP-XXXX, Dr ████ was given permission to begin testing.