Item #: SCP-3296

Object Class: Safe

Description: SCP-3296 appears to have the form of an "Iron Maiden" and consists of a 3' by 7' iron body with two spiked doors to enter. It is required to be contained within a 12' by 12' metal room with one door to enter and exit. Once a living organism is inside and the doors are closed, the spikes take a translucent bluish-purple form that send the subject inside into a sleep-like stasis, until the doors are unlocked and the subject is released. All test subjects to exit SCP-3296 have been recorded to have these changes:

  • No recollection of any events occurring the day they were put into stasis.
  • Changes in eye color with no consistent pattern.
  • Changes in hair color with no consistent pattern.
  • Some subjects tested on SCP-3296 have been reported to recall little to no grudges against anyone or anything, others, however, come out with grudges against themselves, or everyone around them.

Through further research, SCP-3296 is, while it does not move, entirely animate, having the ability to alter the fate of anyone inside. Fortunately, it shows no signs of hostility. SCP-3296 is fully capable of mind manipulation and control. Do not allow fewer than two armed guards into containment at a time.