50 old-school SCPs, all brand new. Entries selected are based off community (here and off-site) input, as well as personal preference.


SCP-2915 Frostee-Flesh (Djoric)
SCP-2539 Highway to Hell (Taffeta)
SCP-3220 Panopticon II (A Random Day)
SCP-3790 Department of Abnormalities (Croquembouche and djkaktus)
SCP-2771 Border Duty (Petrograd)


SCP-2365, "The universe is trying to tell you that it hates you", by psul,
SCP-2890, "Magic, Certainly" by sir pudding
SCP-1701, "In Tents and Purposes" (Weryllium)
SCP-3316, "The Grand Spectacle" (Doctor Cimmerian)

2315, and 3484 both by WrongJohnSilver

SCP-1467 "The Man that Wasn't" by fooloftime
SCP-1256 "Bees, Smarter Than You Think" by Technician Downs
SCP-1295, "Meg's Diner" by Dmatix,
SCP-1459 "Puppy Machine" by PeppersGhost

SCP 1089 and 1660

3789 (Abyssal Basalt 'Jellyfish')
3467 (Anomoalous, Moa Less)
3759 (Isle of the Tortoise Terminarch)
3536 (Bacteriophage Enabler) all by weryllium

SCP-3672 Why are there so many songs about rainbows by LordStonefish
3588 (Cheers) - CadaverCommander
2380 (The Left Kidney of Junior Researcher Østergaard) - BIDZ180
2491 (Sean Connery Ovipositing 300 Eggs Daily) - DrBleep
2384 (The Biggest Duck of All) - Tanhony
2946 (Overly Large E. Coli) - DrBleep