Litter Bug
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SCP-2398 prior to containment, outside a suburban home in ██████████, WA.

Item #: SCP-2398

Object Class: Euclid Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2398 is to be contained in an indoor garden kept well maintained and free of litter.

Only D-Class personnel are to directly tend the garden. The garden is to be blanketed with light at all times. In addition, D-Class personnel are to maintain a secondary garden neighboring SCP-2398's primary garden chamber, meeting the same standards.

As of Incident-2398-1, SCP-2398 is to be contained in an outdoor garden at Area-██. D-Class personnel are to tend the garden and nearby secondary gardens. All other personnel are to remain a minimum distance of 55 m from any garden currently occupied by SCP-2398 unless retrieval or transport is necessary.

All personnel are to be checked for potential litter sources prior to their entry into any SCP-2398 containment garden. This includes lint checks, shoe sole examinations, and the removal of loose items to prevent introducing any offending objects.

No rescues are to be attempted to recover any personnel lost to SCP-2398.

Description: SCP-2398 is a stone statue in moderate disrepair reaching 0.6 m in height. The object is modeled into a humanoid form, though its demographics (including age, sex, and race) are indeterminate. The eyes are empty of detail and its body resembles a gown or dress. It lacks legs or visible feet, instead ending part-way down skirt of the dress.

Red stains coat SCP-2398 in various locations, most notably around the mouth, with initial testing revealing the presence of human blood.

When undisturbed within a garden, SCP-2398 is immobile and expresses no obvious anomalous properties. However, if removed from its garden SCP-2398 will eventually vanish even if under direct observation. Within five hours it will reappear at the nearest suitable garden. Distance from multiple gardens being equal, SCP-2398 shows a preference for modest, suburban neighborhood style gardens.

The danger from SCP-2398 is encountered when a human culpable source (referred to hereafter as "subject") drops an unwelcome item ("litters") within a garden inhabited by SCP-2398. The instant the offending item lands SCP-2398 vanishes and the offending subject vanishes along with it.

Dropped items resulting in an SCP-2398 response:

• Plastic wrappers
• Cans and bottles
• Cigarette butts
• Pens
• A CD copy of Barry Manilow's 1975 Album "Tryin' to Get the Feeling"
• SCP-████-█
• Clothing items

Dropped items failing to produce an SCP-2398 response:

• Leaves and mulch
• Spade
• Stones
• Garden fencing
• Spitting
• Fecal matter (human and dog tested)
• Blood (human, chicken, and pig tested)
• Body tissue (human ear and dead rat tested)

Subjects taken by SCP-2398 are deposited into an alternate dimension designated SCP-2398-A: a dark, seemingly endless garden filled with shrubs and heavy fog. Equipment carried by subjects is able to communicate with standard reality. Transmitting and receiving audio and video information suffers minimal interference. However, all equipment in SCP-2398-A will cease communication the moment SCP-2398 has resolved its active state.

Subjects return to standard reality immediately upon recollecting the offending item. The offending item is the only object a subject can interact with from standard reality, as the object exists in both realities simultaneously.

SCP-2398 enters SCP-2398-A in the same instant as its targeted subject. While inside the alternate dimension, SCP-2398 enters an active state, moving along the ground at a rate up to 1.6 m/s. SCP-2398 follows the path of least resistance toward the subject and will continue pursuit regardless of distance, line of sight, or obstruction.

While active, SCP-2398 produces distorted music identified as Spark's 1974 song "Never Turn Your Back on Mother Earth." [See Survey-2398-2 for audio sample.]

Once approximately within 1 meter, SCP-2398 will throw itself at the subject at high speed. When physical contact is made [DATA EXPUNGED]. This invariably results in the subject's death.

Upon either the subject's death or escape, SCP-2398 will reappear in the garden within five hours. If the garden is destroyed, SCP-2398 will materialize at the nearest suitable garden. On occasion, miscellaneous body parts and blood from lost subjects will appear in the vicinity they initially vanished from. No method has been successful in predicting which body parts will appear, or when.

Survey Log 2398

Incident Log 2398