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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: The Foundation has been unsuccessful in its attempts to repair SCP-XXXX.

Description: SCP-XXXX is two soup cans with their labels torn off and holes in the bottom. At one point, both cans were connected via a white string that would fit into the holes on the bottom of both respective cans. The material the rope was woven from is unknown, though it has been observed to be extremely light and smooth. Intense friction against the rope does not create heat. A solid grip on the rope appears to have been unachievable besides the two ends that were in the soup cans, presumabely tied in knots to keep them from falling out of place.

When SCP-XXXX was active, the rope would withdraw from the bottom of the cans endlessly, depending on how far the cans were separated from each other. If the cans were moved closer to each other, the rope would retract further inside either can, keeping itself taut. As a result, verbal communication could be constantly maintained between both cans. No foreign object contacting the string appeared to have caused any interference (see Discovery Piece-XXXX).

Origin: SCP-XXXX appears to have been the creation of two civilians known as Corey ███████ and Dan █████████, residents of the suburban town █████████, Illinois. Neither individual has any history or knowledge of the anomalous. Both had accepted SCP-XXXX as an average part of their lives, though they still kept it secret from those around them.

Corey had recorded their conversations and kept them in a box titled "Memories." However, they have not shed any light on where SCP-XXXX came from.

Discovery: On July 30, ████1 Dan left █████████ to visit Chicago for a day. The college Dan would be attending as a freshman offered a complimentary boat down the Chicago river. Dan carried one end of SCP-XXXX with him, communicating with Corey for a majority of his trip. The following is a partial transcript of their conversation, updated with event regarding the Foundation's discovery and response to SCP-XXXX.

Approximate Time: 12:30 AM

Approximate Location: At the █████████ train stop.

Dan: How far can this reach?

Corey: You got your wallet? With your ticket? They throw you off the train while it's moving if you don't have your ticket with you.

Dan: Corey, how much string do we have?.

Corey: I tested it myself, it is literally endless.

Dan: I don't want my arm to get ripped off while I'm on the train.

Corey: Well don't hold onto it so tight then. Though even if you wrapped the rope around your wrist, it'd just slid right around it.

Dan: But it's like… I kinda want to stand on the train tracks.

Corey: Well… I mean if you really don't want to go, I'm not your parents…

Dan: No I'm giddy! I think. Maybe like scared? Terrified. I don't know what's gonna happen. How'm I gonna get through the city without getting run over? So many god damned cars, like a thousand highways. How lost am I gonna get? I got the instructions right here, but like what if-

Corey: I'll be with you the whole way. I got our old PC here, I'll tell you where to go. Now calm down before you jump in front of the train.

Dan: You'll remind me what stop to get off at, right?

Corey: It… Wh- It's at the end of the line, you literally can't go past it.

Dan: Oh. Jesus, fuck.

Approximate Time: 1:15 PM

Approximate Location: On the train between