Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Access to SCP-map is possible only through submerged underground tunnel complex with the entry point in the underwater wing of Site-169.
Site-169 was build on the island ████████ for purpose of researching and containing SCP-MAP.
SCP-Map itself poses no threat and is easily contained within its cave under the island ████████. Because of the nature of SCP-map, RTF-Nu-13 "Walkers" are to be present at SCP-map at all times.
Walkers are ordered to neutralize uncooperative beings that appears through anomalous properties of SCP-Map. Beings showing friendly intentions and willing to cooperate are to be taken to Site-169 custody for interviews. Walkers are to watch pattern made by SCP-Map and report any larger group coming near instance of SCP-Map-01 representing our universe.

RTF-Nu-13 Are to use anomalous effects of SCP-map to visit connected universes and handle security codes to cooperating parties. Those codes prove as identification for beings coming to our universe from parallel ones through usage of SCP-map in regards of periodic exchange of data.

Description: SCP-Map is a structure of 13 stone pillars 2,6 m high and 65 cm thick, each pillar is covered in same set of symbols of unknown language. Structure is positioned in a spherical underground cave, located under island ████████ and accessed through underground tunnel complex. Cave is filled up by floating orange lights 1 cm in diameter, and with 14 groups of black dots 3 cm in diameter on the ceiling of the cave.

If any living being touches the symbols, anomalous properties of SCP-Map activate. Series of spheres classified as SCP-Map-01 are then formed from orange lights in surrounding air. Each instance of SCP-01 appears as a small sphere 5 cm in diameter, made of unknown transparent material and with gas inside. The color of gas inside spheres is unique for each sphere and show up unique identity of the sphere. All instances of SCP-01 form same pattern and are connected by same dimmed white tubes after each activation. Said pattern show up what was later confirmed as map of parallel universes.

On 10.12.2017 during research with safe symbols, Junior Researcher Nicolas Wane mistook one of safe symbols, resulting in his disappearance. Following his disappearance, small bright red light emerged from SCP-01, located near edge of the pattern, to one instance connected by the white tube. On the same moment, another instances of SCP-01 dispatched differently colored lights to other SCP-01 connected to them. After this exchange of lights, an unknown person was formed by orange lights next to one of the pillars, claiming to be Dr. Richard Newmon. Dr. Newmon knew names of several on-site working personnel and presented himself with security credentials belonging to Nicolas Wane. See incident log I and Interview log I for details.

After appearance of SCP-01s, if any symbol on pillars is touched, that symbol glow slightly for one second before the glow dim out. Instances of SCP-01 then perform series of action unique for that symbol. Personnel with Level 2 clearance may see Translation document XXXX-I for results of each symbol.

On one of the expedition to parallel universes by members of RTF-Nu-13. Humanoid skeleton with mechanically implanted third eye and several storage chips on his skull was recovered. After decryption by standard foundation decryption process. It was found out, that skeleton belonged to Doctor Nicolas Wane, from parallel universe located in the middle of the pattern. This alternate Mr. Wane was desperately seeking help to prevent certain groups or deities in his universe, from attempting to neutralize certain anomaly. Universe identified as the home universe of Doctor Nicolas Wane disappeared on 1/1/2018 leaving behind a black mist. After reactivation of SCP-map, the black mist was gone.
The full content of recovered data can be found in Document-MAP-002.

Discovery: Island ████████ and SCP-map were found while tracing back a signal behind information breach. This information breach happened through the use of duplicate foundation credentials of O5 members. The targets of the breach were information about world history, current governments, and position of several useful anomalies with limited supply. Of note is that several queries for information regarding yet undiscovered anomalies were present in the breach. The localisation of said items based on information in mentioned queries is ongoing.

Current policy regarding the SCP-Map is to secure either the structure or island itself in connected universes or create a truce with whatever organization hold the structure there. The main content of the truce will be not sending anything dangerous through and to exchange of expedition data. We don't want to risk getting some nasty surprise through this.

Site Director Mark Dulai

Special thanks in progress of making the map to: Ekronak, A_Sack_Of_Potatoes, Jazstar; For concept evolution.

weryllium for foundation operation.


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