Name: Some Sunny Somewhere Else
Item #: SCP-5757
Threat Level: Red
Object Class: Keter
Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-5757 located in Venus’s thermosphere 120 km above the surface, is to be heavily protected. 5757 requires energy extraction every 2 years to keep dormant in stage 1. 150 security personnel with 04 clearance are to be aboard 5757. The main energy conductor must stay below 4 trillion volts. If the main conductor reach’s above 4 trillion volts, the SCP will start stage 2 activation.

Personnel are assigned to extract [REDACTED] number of volts to keep conductor at stage 1. Stage 2 activation protocol requires 5 sacrifices to return to stage 1. Stage 3 activation protocol, all personnel are to evacuate SCP 5757. as there is no other containment protocol after stage 3. The SCP foundation shall not send out any messages to the public or government.


SCP-5757 is a cylindrical orbital laser approximately 3km wide. Upon stage 3 activation SCP-5757 will admit a plasma laser which causes a 120 billion megaton explosion. The laser nicknamed ‘Star Killer’ is pointed directly at Earths sun. Activation of 5757 will cause a XK end of the world scenario, Causing the sun to go into super nova destroying all of humanity on earth. The station appears to be made out of an unknown conductive material.

There are 3 Activation Stages, Stage 1 is the basic activation protocol, every 2 years a maximum of [REDACTED] volts to be extracted. Stage 2 requires 5 human sacrifices through suffocation pods. Upon activation of stage 3, the 05 council are to use counter measure [REDACTED]. SCP 5757 found September 6th 19[\] appears to be sent from the M31 galaxy. Footage found in a processing unit aboard shows 5757 reaching stage 3, subsequently firing and annihilating a red giant star.