Item number: 4000
Object Class: Keter (Scp-4000 is considered Safe; however, due to the unique containment procedure agreed upon with Scp-4000, he is labeled Keter)
Special Containment Procedures: Scp-4000 is allowed to live a perfectly normal life, and will come in for two hours, every Saturday, to location [Redacted]. While at location [Redacted], Scp-4000 is to be given one (1) standard deck of playing cards, one (1) mechanical pencil, and fifty (50) sheets of standard printer paper.

Description: Scp-4000 is a Caucasian male, with Auburn hair and blue eyes, Born on [Redacted] (Age 20), From [Redacted], is approximately 1.8 meters tall and approximately 127 kilograms. Scp-4000’s name is Logan [Redacted] and enjoys playing video games, reading comic books, fantasy and sci-fi novels, watching television, and playing card games.

Scp-4000’s anomalous properties is that he is immune to any Physical, Emotional, Psychological, Memetic, or any other effects of any other Scp. This appears to be independent of diet, activities, health, or any other variances. Scp-4000 is fully aware of his powers and enjoys his life being completely immune. According to Scp- 4000, this effect is controllable by Scp-4000 and can exist in two binary states.

So far, due to the time limitation of Scp-4000’s stay, no testing beyond the standard has been administered.