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Item #: SCP-3161


Page 667 of the Black Sun Scrolls, discovered in ███████, Germany on ██/██/18██ by Dr. █████ after a sinkhole revealed an ancient Germanic burial sight that contained SCP-3161-A

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3161-A is to be contained within a standard 5m x 5m containment cell complete with basic sustenance. SCP-3161-A is to be allowed 5 (five) books of its choice per month. Writing material must be supplied constantly to the cell of SCP-3161.
Speakers installed within the cell of SCP-3161-A must play classical music 24 (twenty-four) hours, with a reasonably large playlist.

Wherever SCP-3161-B is encountered, a 1km x 1km perimeter area must be established around the anomaly. Lethal force is to be used on any unauthorized personnel entering or exiting the area.
Mobile Task Force Kaiser will operate on site until all instances of SCP-3161-B-3S are removed.
Removal of SCP-3161-B-3S involves [DATA EXPUNGED].
(See MTK-Kaiser Area-EKT-4 Mission Brief [Level-4 Clearance])

Description: SCP-3161-A appears as a young man between the ages of 18 and 25 of European decent (See Addendum SCP-3161-A-A). All bodily functions are that of a normal human male. A tattoo on the right shoulder of SCP-3161-A depicts a black sun, an occult symbol dating back to the Migration Period and used by ancient Frankish, Slavic and Alemannic tribes. SCP-3161-A speaks a language identified as Proto-Indo-European. SCP-3161-A has exhibited skill in processing new information, including new languages, thus, the subject is capable of communicating effectively with on-site personnel.

SCP-3161-B is the shape of a black sun wheel, identical to the tattoo present on SCP-3161-A. The anomaly cannot be approached or physically interacted with. When SCP-3161-B is present, the anomaly occurs on a horizon during the times of 5am-6am, and is only visible to the naked eye for approximately 2-3 seconds. The time in which SCP-3161-B can remain on the horizon has so far been undiscovered. The longest recorded instance of SCP-3161-B lasted for approximately 3 years before an Apocos-Siege Event.