LolzForGamez 3rd SCP

1 of SCP-XXXX instances

Description: SCP-XXXX designates as 13 WW2 British trench coats. SCP-XXXX is still capable of being torn and dismantled, however, SCP-XXXX seems to completely ignore liquid.1 Being able to not soak whatsoever. SCP-XXXX appears to still have a manufacturer on the back of SCP-XXXX instances, named "████████". A relatively popular designer in 193█.

SCP-XXXX's anomalous properties occur when a subject wears an SCP-XXXX instance and is; the following:

  • Is out of view of any individual.
  • Worn during any form of weather, that includes water.
  • Subject must've worn SCP-XXXX prior to the anomalous event for at least 4 hours in total.

After these trigger-events have successfully complied, subjects will experience sudden dehydration and pass out into a comatose state. Subjects waking up will view the area they were just at prior to being incapacitated, however, the environment is a completely barren landscape.2 Leaving with dead plants, mouldy food3 and even skeletal remains of humans. Of which, 13 have only been found. No other skeletal remains have been found regarding other species.

Subjects reported that as if the entire world has been converted into this state after exploring out of the area. Reporting, that buildings seem to be non-existent. Subjects will be in this "dimension" for approximately 4 days and search out for any supplements possible. Any other subjects wearing an instance of SCP-XXXX will be transported into the same "dimension".

SCP-XXXX subjects will experience drowsiness symptoms for approximately 5 hours within the dimension and will not expire. Subjects after this stage require no form of hydration. Subjects leaving the dimension will return to where they had disappeared, no matter how far they've travelled in the dimension. Subjects will also keep the traits they gained from the "dimension" . Subjects have only been described agitated when inquiring about where the current location of others SCP-XXXX subjects are.

Subjects describe that they've relationship bonds and friendships within the dimension with other SCP-XXXX subjects no matter how short they've been in touch with them within the dimension and how their relationships were prior to the "dimension".

Discovery: SCP-XXXX was notified to the foundation after disappearances of 4 museum managers in the British Museum of ████ ██████. And were all associated with a particular highlight in the World War sections. Associates of the museum also claimed that there were 13 trench coats of the WW2 ████ crew and now only 9 during the disappearances.

Disappeared subjects later reappeared in █████ ████, during foundation investigation 4 days later. When foundation personnel confronted said subjects, subjects later reply claiming that they knew the true properties of SCP-XXXX and wanted to "discover".

Subjects explain that they heavily believed in spiritual anomalies and got their information from their former parents, who of which were claimed to have branched out from SCP-XXXX's origins at the time.

Addendum-XXXX-A: Oldest possible DNA samples on SCP-XXXX instances, have shown that they were worn by 13 infamous British chief managers of the ████ █████ production in 1942 and responsible for the deaths of 47 workers4, due to unresponsible food and water production. In 1943, the 13 chief managers disappeared, during heavy weather and when no one was aware of their current location. According to the surviving workers, they were having a celebration of their business anniversary.

SCP-XXXX was later recovered by London patrols 4 days later, at the same exact location prior to the 13 chief managers disappearance. Their bodies were not found, instead only SCP-XXXX instances. One of the manager's office was investigated later on and displayed on the office's billboard was the message "复仇"5 written in white chalk.

Addendum-XXXX-B: An expedition experiment was done on SCP-XXXX after it being recovered and 13 Class-D's were associated. Each Class-D were to wear an SCP-XXXX instance. They were later brought outside the foundation after being in custody for 3 hours and 55 minutes and the exterior having a storm.6

Subjects were notified to face away from each other so that SCP-XXXX's anomalous properties could activate. The timer was 2 seconds away from 4 hours and Dr ████ noted all personnel in the area to not view the subjects.7 Each subject was also given a radio broadcast. And when subjects were transported, radio signals were unsuccessful. However, 3 returned and gave a statement on what they experienced.

Addendum-XXXX-C: Genetic research from the image has shown that the coincidental remains are indeed the chief managers of the ████ █████. D-543233 was later administrated to proceed again with SCP-XXXX expedition, to see what happens to returning subjects of SCP-XXXX's dimension. After exactly 4 days, only the SCP-XXXX instance and D-543233's expedition camera returned. Pictures recovered from said device has shown the afore-mentioned entity about to strike D-543233.

Behind the pictures was a message as follows.

"你還沒學過嗎?他逃走了, 只是再次屈服于你的命令。懦夫。如果需要, 他應該採取自己的生活!他説明你和你的帝國包含不自然的東西, 含有罪惡的生物。這是你用來控制現在我的影子, 不要回來.誰第一次讀這本書, 可能是醫生或騎士。我猜你和這個 遠征 有關聯聽我的警告。在你看來, 這將是一個詛咒, 因為你將放棄這個帝國我的同事只看著你 !交錯與我的世界再次, 你不會是唯一一個得到這個警告。傳播這個詞。"8