Item #:

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be contained in a cryogenically frozen state (frozen at -28Cº) within a reinforced steel container approximately 20cm in diameter. Specimens of SCP-XXXX are kept in glass test tubes, filled with [REDACTED], which keeps the organism alive and does not freeze in the extreme temperature. This container is located in a 10m x 10m x 10m room. SCP-XXXX is located at [REDACTED], in a separate underground facility barred behind three 12cm blast doors, all of which have different biometric scanning systems registered to only the highest researchers and O5 members.

No one, no matter any circumstance, is to ever release SCP-XXXX from its cryogenic state. Doing so will result in the immediate extermination of the person who did so, who is referred to as SCP-XXXX-X, when exposed. If containment is breached, and the cryogenic state broken, then the cell will be restricted to any human, due to SCP-XXXX's unknown infectious powers.

In case of outbreak, no single plan can be devised. The devastation brought by SCP-XXXX can mean destruction of entire populations, therefore, if an outbreak occurs, the SCP Foundation will be required to dedicate every resource it has to exterminating SCP-XXXX, until it has been exterminated. The danger SCP-XXXX brings to human existence is unimaginable.

Description: SCP-XXXX is an extremely infectious, microscopic parasite, that can control its hosts through cognitive manipulation in its fourth Infectious Stage. Its ability to infect seemingly any human anywhere has baffled the Foundation's top researchers. It is known to have been able to infect entire populations in mere minutes, without any transmission between infected and healthy. The range of devastation it can cause is unimaginable. As said, the parasite when latched onto the host's brain, can begin a process of gaining control of the host. The extent of the SCP-XXXX's control over the human body ranges from basic motor functions, to even speech. It has been noted, that in the later stages of SCP-XXXX's infection, the parasite can gain total control, and command the host to look, walk, and act like a healthy human. Ways to directly prevent infection are not yet known, however SCP-XXXX must be in physical reach of the human it wants to infect, so being in a room clear of infection will prevent infection as long as that room is sealed.

SCP-XXXX was first discovered in [DATA EXPUNGED], in the remote village of ████. SCP-XXXX had unleashed its full power on the village when MTF Beta-7 investigated the village. All occupants of ███ had been exterminated, with Beta-7 having to retreat until further notice. The infectious capabilities of SCP-XXXX caught Beta-7 off guard to say the least, however, a week later, a professional force was assembled to quarantine the area. The 20km radius around the village has been cut off from civilian and Foundation personnel. The containment of SCP-XXXX was achieved by recovering infected individuals, which incidentally led to thirty infections in Site-██. Over the course of the two month long containment process, the Foundation had lost two-hundred members to SCP-XXXX.

Many observations of SCP-XXXX's infection process has led to the creation of stages. These stages represent the somewhat lengthy process of gaining total control over the human body.