Hell Enterprises

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: As of yet, the staff of SCP-XXXX have been entirely compliant with Foundation requests, and do not seem interested in any malicious activities. This said, no containment procedures are necessary at this time.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a large office building in [REDACTED] California. Interior design of upper thirteen levels of SCP-XXXX are consistent with that of other office building. However, design becomes progressively inconsistent in lower levels. There are several anomalies present within SCP-XXXX, including a seemingly infinite number of basement levels, coffee pots that appear infinitely filled with hot coffee, indoor plants that will stay alive in any condition, and elevators that seemingly move faster from the outside than from the inside. SCP-XXXX is currently operated by a group which calls itself "Hell Enterprises." This group's goals and motives are not entirely clear.

Addendum-XXXX-B: The following is a transcription of a video recording taken to better understand the physics of the elevator system within SCP-XXXX. Test was performed by three Class-D personnel. Each subject was given a video and audio recording system, and one jack. Two of the subjects (hereby referred to as A and B) were told to travel to level -300 via staircase, while the third (hereby referred to as C) was told to travel to floor 12 by the same means. A and B are told to pry open the door to the elevator shaft with a jack, while C was told to travel to floor -600 via elevator. Test was directed by Dr. Vansicle.


A: Alright. From what I understand, we're just supposed to stand here and watch this guy ride down an elevator.

Dr. Vansicle: Affirmative. That being said, C, please enter the elevator.

[C pushes button to call elevator. Elevator arrives in approximately four seconds.]

C: God damn! That's a fast fuckin' elevator!

[C enters elevator.]

Dr. Vansicle: Please enter number negative six-hundred.

[C enters numbers into control panel. Elevator doors close, and elevator begins moving down.]

Dr. Vansicle: Could you please describe how you feel.

C: Oh, I dunno doc. Just feels like a regular old elevator ride to me.

Dr. Vansicle: Could you focus in on the floor counter?

C: Yeah- Holy hell I'm going down fast!

[Floor counter appears to be moving downward at a rate of five floors per-second.

C: I didn't sign up for this shit doc! Get me outta here!

Dr. Vansicle: Calm down C, you're going to be fine. A, what do you see?

[A pokes head into elevator shaft.]

A: I don't see anything coming yet. Maybe he-

[A's video and audio feed is cut out almost instantly. B's video feed appears to show a large object coming down the elevator shaft, crushing A. Additionally, a loud thud can be heard on C's audio feed.]

B: Oh my god! I think the elevator just killed A!

C: Shit! I think I heard it hit 'em!


Note: After review of the footage, it was found that the elevator was moving at a speed of approximately 34 mph. A was completely eviscerated by the oncoming elevator. A's body was never recovered from the elevator shaft.