Lord Vespasian

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be secured in a relatively large Humanoid containment facility that is to be shaped like a Medieval Christian Monastery, along with a separate but close reliquary facility for containing objects and artifacts pertaining to SCP-XXXX that would not be kept in living quarters, both facilities are to be modifiable. SCP-XXXX and all things belonging to it are to be located at Site-06-3, in Sector 22 and should not be relocated unless SCP-XXXX requests to do so and is cleared or a containment breach which could effect SCP-XXXX has occurred and is requested, both scenarios requiring written approval of two(2) or more personnel with class 2 Clearance or above. If SCP-XXXX must be relocated to another Sector or Site, it is imperative to ensure that SCP-XXXX's new quarters for itself and its possessions are to labeled with numbers of Biblical significance or larger numbers containing said numbers within them, including but not limited to:


Under no circumstances is SCP-XXXX to be placed in a facility of any kind that has three or more sixes, whether they are consecutive or not. Under no circumstances are any personnel to speak, write, gesture, or allude to the number 666 to SCP-XXXX unless in damnation of it, both of these are rather simple and failure to follow these procedures will result in severe disciplinary punishment and possible termination. At the moment, SCP-XXXX is to be kept away from SCP-035, SCP-343, and SCP-682 as well as any other SCPs that are stated in addendum 443.

Addendum 443: SCPs that are to be kept away from SCP-XXXX
This list will be updated as need be by order of (Data Expunged)

Due SCP-XXXX's cooperative and non-hostile behavior towards the Foundation and its members, reasonable requests for personal items and modifications to its facilities as well as additional privileges may be granted after being approved by one(1) Level 2 authority. As of (█-██-███) SCP-XXXX's request are:

.Several versions of the Holy Bible in several languages(Granted)

.A refurbishing of the inside of SCP-XXXX's facility to resemble a Christian Church, with several personal alterations(Granted)

.The ability to carry out mass, confession, baptismal, administering the Eucharist and other sacraments and/or ordinances to willing participants(Granted, however participants must undergo screening by at least 3 personnel with Level 3 Security Clearance)

.The right to contain and potentially destroy SCP-035(Denied)

.Permission to speak in person to SCP-343(Pending Denied due to incident XXXX-343, see addendum 47 for details)

Addendum 47:
Due to the obvious associations with the Christian God, SCP-343 was asked what he thought about SCP-XXX. The log is restricted to O5, those assigned to SCP-343, and those cleared by either party providing the approval of three(3) or more personnel. The information available to those not in these groups is limited but implies that SCP-343 did not empower SCP-XXXX and says it does not represent it. SCP-XXXX was told this information and shown proof and denounced SCP-343, saying it was a false god and that it would slay SCP-343

.Permission to "cure" SCP-166(Denied)

.Permission to access information on SCP-001 above Level 2 clearance(Denied)

.A continuous source of red wine equaling around 10 litre a week minimum with proper refrigeration systems(Granted)

.A continuous source of communion bread equaling around 5 kilograms a week minimum(Granted)

.A continuous source of Holy Water equaling around 10 centilitre a week minimum(Granted)

.A modern computer and the computer games Crusader Kings 2, Medieval II: Total War, Stronghold Crusader, The King's Crusade, and Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade(All granted save for Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade due to fears of triggering extremely violent reactions in SCP-XXXX)

.Permission to kill SCP-682(Denied)

.One(1) Holy Qur'an and one(1) Hadith a day for ritual burning as well as occasional requests for one(1) Sahih al-Bukhari(Granted)

.Internet Access for granted computer(Granted, but on a closed network and under constant surveillance)

.Permission to be able to visit nearby civilian centers for the purpose of entertainment(Granted, but only on a case-by-case basis and all requests must be approved by three(3) or more personnel with Level 4 Clearance or above. If approved, SCP-XXXX must be given non-damaging dyes for his head and facial hair, contact lenses that are blue, brown or green and normal attire tailored to suit its size and must be escorted and surveilled by at least three field agents at a distance beyond 100 m if no action is required. If SCP-XXXX attempts escape it is to be captured or terminated as it poses a serious threat to many civilian centers and could result in the discovery of the Foundation)

.Permission to carry out a pilgrimage to Jerusalem(Pending)

SCP-XXXX is extremely polite and cooperative as long as all personnel interacting with SCP-XXXX do not engage in any action or posses any traits that will cause SCP-XXXX to become aggressive and fatally dangerous. These actions and traits include but are not limited to:

.Speaking Arabic, Persian, Hebrew, and/or Turkish of any kind, even regional and dead dialects are not safe

.Being an active Muslim, Tengri, Satanist, Pagan, Aztec, Jew or Atheist(Note: Even if one does not state or even display any signs of their religion, SCP-XXXX can and will still deduce that they are part of one it does not approve and will kill said person, thus, no one who follows any of the stated religions, even if only in a token manner, is to be allowed to meet with or speak to SCP-XXXX under any circumstances)

.Committing any form of blasphemy, heresy, and/or heathenry(Note: Refusing any of SCP-XXXX's offers to conduct religious ceremonies does not seem to anger it and is thus considered safe)

.Having committed or attempted any major crime (1st degree murder, rape, pedophilia, terrorism, battery and perjury) or a crime that SCP-XXXX considers major (Usury and adultery)

.Attempting to cut or trim SCP-XXXX's facial hair in any way. It claims that some of his strength comes from the beard and that cutting it would be an affront to God, similar to Samson from the Old Testament.

SCP-XXXX shows no hostile intent towards Shintos, Shaminists, Totemists, Animists, Daoists, the various Indian religions or Zoroastrians. However, unless circumstances or research requirements dictate otherwise, SCP-XXXX should only interact with Christians as he is most responsive with them.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a White, Caucasian male at around 1.98 m(6'5) and is biologically in his late 20s. All hair on his body, facial, head, eyebrows, eyelashes, and even nasal hairs are all a bright and vibrant yellow, his eyes also possess a yellow Iris and white pupils. This is extremely strange as analysis of his DNA shows his hair and eyes should be brown, and yet his hair grows this color naturally, shown when event (Redacted) singed his head hair and it grew back in the same yellow color. His voice is deep but nothing beyond a normal human's scope. All his body parts are in perfect condition and show no signs of aging. SCP-XXXX is remarkably healthy and strong despite his DNA structure showing no abnormalities. Any and all attempts to recreate his strength in other humans have failed to achieve the super-human strength, speed, intelligence and resilience of SCP-XXXX. SCP-XXXX is not invulnerable however and can be harmed by physical objects if they have enough force. SCP-XXXX possesses, or at least can access, low level reality-warping powers and study on this facet is still being carried out.

SCP-XXXX is extremely resilient and has proven that he can survive long periods without food or water and this period might be infinite, however it desires and can be sustained by normal food. SCP-XXXXLLL has earned decent food variety and quality and is content with this. When questioned how he survives so long without any sustenance, the only reply given is, "The Lord provides all that I need". Current consensus is that SCP-XXXX uses its anomalous powers to conjure up something akin to the mana the Hebrews consumed while traveling 40 years in the desert, however this is unproven.

SCP-XXXX understands and can write and speak in Latin, French, English, Spanish, Italian, Greek, Russian, and German as well as a unknown dialect of Levantine origin, however he prefers English the most. SCP-XXXX's vocabulary was somewhat archaic, using outdated and sometimes previously lost words and phrases in all the stated languages, English, French, and German are the most modernized while Latin is the most outdated, with the rest falling somewhere in between, However, all languages apart from the unknown Levantine one possessed enough similarities to current vernacular that communication in the beginning, while slowed, was possible. SCP-XXXX quickly shifted his language to modern standards and at the moment communication is a non-issue. SCP-XXXX possess a slight German accent.

Originally, it was unknown exactly how old SCP-XXXX was and where he originated from. However, due to information from him and recent discoveries by the Foundation and other independent groups, we have identified SCP-XXXX as ███████ ████████. Born in (█-██-███), SCP-XXX grew up and participated in the First Crusade, according to SCP-XXXX, this is when he gained his anomalous powers after receiving a vision from God. He would go on to participate in the Second Crusade without much note until he encountered SCP-682, which he states was brought there by an evil red entity believed to be the Scarlet King. SCP-682 and SCP-XXXX battled for several minutes until SCP-XXXX "summoned God's might" and transported SCP-682 to an unknown location and had all but SCP-682 and SCP-XXXX minds wiped of the memory. SCP-682 was later questioned on this during an authorized interview. View addendum 563 for more details.

Addendum 563: Portion of recorded transcript of Dr. ██████'s interview with SCP-682

<Begin Log, skip to 00h-5m-56s>

Dr. ██████: Did SCP-XXXX prove a credible threat to your survival?

SCP-682: You honestly believe any thing can kill me?

Dr. ██████: You didn't answer my question, did SCP-XXXX prove a credible threat to your survival?

SCP-682: (Silence)

Dr. ██████: Did ███████ ████████ prove a credible threat to your survival?

SCP-682: (Jerking his body in a fast and violent motion) How dare you speak that name to me?!

D-93: Dude relax! He's gonna kill me!

Dr. ██████: Answer the question. Did ███████ ████████ prove a credible threat to your survival?

SCP-682: (Releases a violent roar and proceeds to eat D-93)

Dr. ██████: This interview is over! (Yelling to other staff) Prepare for a potential containment breach!

<End Log>

Later on, SCP-XXXX also met and pursued SCP-035. SCP-035 gave little information relating to this when questioned but did confirm that "some loony blonde" was trying to destroy it. SCP-XXXX failed to stop it and lost him, SCP-035 would later lay itself in Venice some centuries later, and SCP-XXXX fell into a coma some centuries later for unknown reasons. It is unknown where exactly he was resting but SCP-XXXX states he was in ██████ before he lost consciousnesses and awoke in █-██-████ due to unknown reasons. See addendum 21 for details.

Addendum 21: Recorded transcript of Dr. ████████'s interview with SCP-XXXX on its activities before meeting and after losing SCP-035

<Begin Log>

SCP-XXXX: Hello Dr.████████! It's a pleasure to see you. What is the nature of this questioning?

Dr. ████████:Thank you SCP-XXXX, you are here as we wish to ascertain what exactly you were doing before you met and after you lost track of SCP-035.

SCP-XXXX: Doctore, please call me ███████ ████████. As for what I was doing, it is a long story.

Dr. ████████: We have all the time in the world. Also, I appreciate your trust in giving me your real name, but I will refer to you as SCP-XXXX as I wish to save the redactor the trouble.

SCP-XXXX: I understand. Before I met that, thing, I continued to fight in the following Crusades. I would also travel across Europe. This was when Plague was at its zenith.

Dr. ████████: You're referring to the Black Death?

SCP-XXXX: Yes! That awful miasma that pervaded every orifice of every person in every town. It was the closest thing I saw to hell on God's Earth before the Great War, which happened some 500 or so years later.

Dr. ████████: You refer to World War…

SCP-XXXX: Was it a world war? All I knew was that cities were being bombed, camps of innocents being starved and news that a bomb more powerful than anything Man could ever imagine was dropped somewhere in the East.

Dr. ████████: I see you're referring to World War 2.

SCP-XXXX: By God, you had two of them?

Dr. ████████: Back onto topic, what happened during your European travels?

SCP-XXXX: I tried my best to stop the Plague and cure those affected. To kill and detain violent criminals and lords who broke their holy oaths but whenever another Crusade was announced, I left to serve God, the town I was last in usually being gone by the time I returned.

Dr. ████████: Do you have any regrets?

SCP-XXXX: Of course, I am but a man in God's graces. But my greatest regret was not protecting those children.

Dr. ████████: What do you mean? Can you please explain?

SCP-XXXX: I remember 1212 like it was just the other day. Those children were heading for the Holy Land and the things that happened to them. I cursed myself for not protecting them. I had never even met one of them yet their imagined faces still torment me sometimes.

Dr. ████████: Are you referring to the Children's Crusade of 1212?

SCP-XXXX: If that is what you call it, then yes.

Dr. ████████: I'm sorry to hear that, please, continue.

SCP-XXXX: As the decades passed, the Plague died down and life returned to normal. Then, in the 16th century, I met that hideous abomination. He was dressed like a Plague Doctor but I could sense the evil in him. I studied him from afar and noticed that he possessed necromantic powers. I immediately set out to destroy him and came close, but he escaped my judgement.

Dr. ████████: You are referring to SCP-049?

SCP-XXXX: Who is that?

Dr. ████████:(Requests a photo of SCP-049 and is given one. Shows the photo to SCP-XXXX) This is SCP-049.

SCP-XXXX:(Jumps up in anger and slams table, tearing it in half, scaring Dr. ████████) That's him! Bring me to him at once so I can slay him and end his reign of terror!

Dr. ████████:C-calm down ███████ ████████!

SCP-XXXX: (Relaxes and sits back down) I'm sorry. The things I saw him do.

Dr. ████████: I understand.

SCP-XXXX: I no longer wish to continue this questioning. May I return to my quarters?

Dr. ████████: You may.

<End Log>

SCP-XXXX came into the Foundation's eye when field agent █████ ████ who was in Dresden, accidentally discovered old World War 2 era documents showing that SCP-XXXX protected civilians from Allied bombing on the cities' military industry. He reported his findings and a manhunt for SCP-XXXX began, which captured him after ██ days of searching.

When first caught, SCP-XXXX showed an arrogant and boastful attitude, stating that his captors could not hold him, however he showed no hostile intent beyond escaping. Once in containment he demonstrated his ability to summon and manipulate lightning, sunlight, and fire. His armor is another subject of great interest. It is made of a still undetermined metal but is virtually indestructible and radiates a dull and mostly transparent yellow aura. The armor is silver whit a white cape and yellow lining and his adorned with various religious symbols and phrases. The armor never rusts nor shows any sign of wear or tear and cannot be bent, melted, or penetrated, however SCP-XXXX can still be hurt while wearing it. He also possess several weapons including a sword around 1.52 m(5') long, a shield 1.21 m(4') high and .91 m(3') across as well as a bow 1.52 m(5') high that can fire arrows .30 m(1') long. SCP-XXXX can conjure arrows from nothingness and fire them with great accuracy and speed across long distances, able to match the accuracy and distance of a modern automatic rifle. SCP-XXXX shows skill with firearms but is reluctant to use them. He is, however, interested in using vehicles and other modern tools. SCP-XXXX and his his belongings cannot be properly photographed, recorded or painted and can only be viewed in person as any visual depiction will emit a an extremely bright light that cannot be seen through, even with our most advanced technology.

SCP-XXXX has shown such cooperative and friendly nature and such great strength that many of the personnel who have interacted with him have made requests to to change SCP-XXXX's status to Thaumiel and use it to counteract SCP-035, SCP-682, and various other SCPs. This request is still pending and must be approved by proper channels. No word has been given on SCP-XXXX's status and until then it is classified as Euclid.

SCP-XXXX and its belongings are to remain under intensive study and further questioning on SCP-682 and SCP-035 is to take place. And for God's sake, don't let the guy near the Pope because he will ██████ him.

An Image of SCP-XXXX